A Fun Day in the UK – watching Tories stab each other!

Well today is yet another fun day! Who knows what will happen?

Will Theresa May resign?

Will the cabinet resign and leave Theresa May sitting on her own?

Will the EU simply kick the UK out?

Will the EU take pity and offer us a smashing deal?

Will we have another referendum?

Will Jeremy Corbyn be asked to form a government?

Will there be a general election?

Will Boris Johnson hold a wrestling match with Jacob Rees-Mogg for the Tory leadership?

Will Rees-Mogg simply buy Britain?

Will we form a cross-party national government?

Will the UK break up and Scotland and Ireland stay in the EU?

Who knows? What an exciting day in prospect!

The only certainty is that we are all getting poorer and poorer by the second!! (When I say all – I don’t mean the wealthy – they, of course, are getting richer and richer by the second.)

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