Rock Routes – Later Sixties New York Scene – a Book on Rock Music by Opher Goodwin.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Rock Music!

Later New York Scene


The New York street culture was very different to the more laid-back style of the West Coast San Franciscan scene. New York was urban, bleak and tough. Here the underground seemed a long way from the Peace and Love of San Francisco. The alternative culture here was more likely to be based round crime, prostitution, homosexuality, transvestism and hard drugs. The music would be harsher to reflect this.

The Velvet Underground, Fugs and Holy Modal Rounders reflected this. The Fugs, who took their name from the William Golding novel ‘Lord of the Flies’, started up in 1963 and were a left-over bunch of Beat Poets and Film makers from Greenwich Village who at times incorporated the Beat poets Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. They finally settled around a nucleus of Ed Sanders, Tuli Kupferberg and Ken Weaver. They set out to outrage and subvert pushing back the boundaries of sex, drugs and social politics. Right from the start they adopted street theatre and extreme appearance to shock the establishment and push the boundaries. They made the Mothers of Invention look extremely sophisticated. They set out to protest about the war and celebrate sex under the slogan ‘Grope for Peace’. Their album ‘The Fugs’ was ground-breaking and their 1968 album ‘It crawled into my hand, honest’ was one of the great albums.

The Velvet Underground were the house band at Andy Warhol ‘The Exploding Inevitable’. They were an amazing diverse collection of individuals – the German Model – Nico – the Garage Punk – Lou Reed – the guitarist – Sterling Morrison – the Avante-Garde classically trained musician – John Cale – and the female drummer – Mo Tucker. The intermingling of John Cale’s weirdness to the Garage Punk of Lou’s song writing, with Nico’s drawled and heavily accented vocals, held together by Sterling and Mo created a unique sound that was to prove extremely influential to the future Punk sound of the mid 1970s New Wave. The subject matter was to do with heroin, transvestism and sado-masochism.

The Holy Modal Rounders (Peter Stampfel & Steve Weber) started life as a Folk Blues duo, then joined up with the Fugs and reformed in the late 60s as a Psychedelic Folk band. Their music was featured on a couple of tracks in Easy Rider.


Artist Stand out tracks
Velvet Underground Heroin

Waiting for the man

Run run run

White light white heat

Sunday morning

I’ll be your mirror

There she goes again

All tomorrow’s parties

Venus in furs

Femme fatal

Here she comes now

Candy says

Pale blue eyes

Beginning to see the light

Sweet Jane

Fugs Boobs a lot

Kill for peace

Wide wide river

Doing alright

Dirty old man

I couldn’t get high


My baby done left me

Slum Goddess

War kills babies


Coca cola douche

Saran Wrap

Turn on Tune in Drop out

Life is strange

Johnny Pissoff  meets the red angel

Life is funny

Crystal Liaison


The divine toe

Holy Modal Rounders Don’t Bogart that joint

The STP song

The Bird song

Soldiers joy

Everything you ever wanted to know about Rock Music!

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