The greatest Sixties Mod Bands of the Sixties!!

Along with the Merseybeat and R&B bands that sparked up in the sixties there were a lot of Mod Bands that were delivering their own distinctive brand of mainly self-penned tunes.

Mods liked fashion – smart appearance – girls with short hair, plastic macs, plastic minis, contrasting colours, black and white. They liked R&B and Ska.

Leading the way were the Who (formerly the Detours doing a brand of R&B). They took on a distinctive Mod fashion (Union Jack, roundels, Italian suits, parkas, layered hair, lambrettas etc) and developed their new vocabulary (faces, numbers, purple hearts). With numbers like I Can’t Explain, My Generation and Anyway, Anyhow Anywhere. They blew everyone away.

Up with them were the Smallfaces with What’ya Gonna Do About it? and Sha-la-la-la-lee.

It included the Kinks with their red hunting frock coats and frills with numbers like You Really Got Me and All Day and All Of the Night.

Then there were the Birds, Paramounts, Sorrows, Action, Creation and Poets.

As the Mod movement got going bands like the Stones, Yardbirds, Pretty Things and Animals took on more of a Mod appearance and moved away from the Blues.

Mod became the prevailing sound in the mid-sixties! Though in the States it really did not seem to develop as a style.

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