Brexit – the Crossroads! -Who’s going to sell their soul?

Well here we are! We’re at the crossroads! All the promises of easy deals and prosperity have come to nothing! All the talk of sovereignty and controlling our borders are hot air and bollocks.

We have a deal where the EU holds the cards; we are under their jurisdiction, can’t make any deals, have no say and have to swallow their conditions. The alternative is to crash out with no deal and bugger the whole country!

Well done May!!! Well done Boris!!! Well done Davies, Mogg Fox and IDS!!! Well done Corbyn for sitting on the fence!! Well done Cameron and Osborne for costing us billions and messing the country up!!

May can’t even get the deal through her own cabinet! What hope for getting it through parliament?? I’d say nil!!

So what happens then? What are the options?

May resigns and we have a Tory leadership battle!

We go to the country for another referendum!

We have a general election!

This week we are at the crossroads. Three roads lead to hell! Only one makes sense to me!

2 thoughts on “Brexit – the Crossroads! -Who’s going to sell their soul?

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