Brexit – what’s the betting?? An election or new vote??

I couldn’t venture out today. Too many pigs were flying. The air was full of excrement.

So Theresa May has finally obtained a tentative agreement with Brussels. It doesn’t look good to me from what I’m hearing.

That presents us with a series of questions:

Will she get it through the cabinet?

It’s possible but I think it’s unlikely.

Will she get it through her party?

Quite probably but there will be ructions on both wings.

Will she get it through parliament?

Well those pigs tell me something. I’ve seen snowballs come out of furnaces and Nazis hugging Jews but I’m still skeptical of her pulling off that feat.

If it doesn’t go through where do we go?

A Tory leadership election?

A general election?

A vote of on the deal struck?

Well my money is on May stepping down and another referendum.

The people deserve a say on the deal that is struck.

Now we know the reality and can see through the lies we need a PEOPLE’S VOTE!!!!

I want democracy!! I want my say!!

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