Why do we often elect Megalomaniacs, Psychopaths and Sociopaths??

It has been suggested that we would be better off without government with everybody living a life based on rational principles without government interference.

As is quite clear to me – the vast majority of the population are totally incapable of organising their lives along rational principles. Their lives are chaotic. There is little thought. They indulge their whims and decay into disorder and ennui. Some, given the opportunity, would rape, murder and become brutal. They would simply take what they want and terrorise.

People are sheeple. They follow people they think are strong.

Thus we need leaders and laws in order to create structure and prevent it all descending into bedlam.

What we have to do is ensure that we get the best leaders, the best political structures, the fairest systems and most just laws.

That is the best we can hope for. It keeps the bullies, violent and the cruel in check and enables ordinary people to live without fear.

Unfortunately we are not very good at choosing our leaders. We keep electing megalomaniacs, sociopaths and psychopaths. They seem so strong, clear and to make so much sense. Unfortunately so many of them lie and some actually enjoy creating pain. It gives them a sense of power!

However, even in a bad system it is better than the chaos and fear of lawlessness.

We have to fight for fairness and justice. It is a constant battle.

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