Why do they mess about with time?

Finally, on Sunday Night, after six months of involuntary appropriation, the government has acquiesced and given me back the hour they stole from me back in March!

I get no interest on it!

I want to know what they did with my time! There’s not even a thank you.

Last March they stole an hour off sixty million people in Britain!!  That is sixty million hours they had stored somewhere! Just think of that!

Where did they store sixty million hours?

Did they take it to Times Square I wonder?

Did they squander it all on Brexit?

I don’t know! All I know is that I resent it!

Then suddenly, a two a.m. on Sunday, they sent somebody round to give it back. Did you see them? Well I certainly didn’t! Talk about government intrusion! No wonder the right-wingers are all up in arms about government interference!

Anyway – they displaced my day!

My biological clock says one thing and the rest of the clocks say a mixture of things!

I don’t know where the hell I am!

Some clocks update automatically and some don’t. Some are easy to update and some seem to require either a rocket scientist or a toddler.

Last time I was driving around for three months with the car clock an hour out. I kept having to do mental arithmetic in order to find what time it really was.

Is that why the government keep doing it? It’s an attempt to improve mental arithmetic so that we can move up the international tables and stave off Alzheimer’s at the same time! Win Win!!

Except it isn’t, is it? It’s a pain in the backside! I’ll spend the next month in confusion, wondering if whatever clock I’m looking at is telling the real time or not, has it been updated? My biological clock will need to adapt and I’ll spend hours checking out instructions on how to update every clock in the place!

Some won’t be right until next March I bet!

What a waste of time! It’ll take me a lot longer than the hour they gave me back!

There should be a law on time!

Why didn’t they just leave it to Stephen Hawking???

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