The Age of Blind Faith

The fabric of society crumbles as the fictions break down and people lose their faith.

What will step in are a group who have unshakable faith, who believe blindly.

It could be the battle of the fundamentalists.

Intelligence, rationality and science count for nothing.

Now is the time of fake news, superstition, division and hatred.

Let’s hope it doesn’t become the time of war, torture and mindless violence and cruelty. We’ve had too much of that.

11 thoughts on “The Age of Blind Faith

    1. Not in my book they’re not. Intelligence is the ability to think, reason and create. Rationality is based on logic and reason. Science is the observable, repeatable. Science is based on clear evidence.
      Blind faith has no substance. There is no evidence or rationale. It is illogical and not intelligent.

    1. Hi John – good to hear from you. I hope you are well. I miss your blog.
      Yes we are a destructive force. We destroy things around us and we destroy ourselves. It is such a great shame.

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