Populism – The death spasm of the WASP.

I think we are seeing the death spasm of the old fearful WASPs who are seeing their world eroded and can now see the writing on the wall.

They have had the upper hand and a sense of superiority that goes with it, the arrogance of the master, but the future is not WASP. Any fool can see that. That is why they are full of fear and hate. The future is much more of a mixture, much more global. But it is so difficult for some people to change and accept the changes. They fight to retain everything just as it was. It’s a battle they are doomed to lose.

No matter how much hatred and division they generate, no matter how many white supremacist leaders they elect, no matter how many walls they build, biology will win out.

The demes are mixing. The barriers are down. Sexual attraction favours variety.

The future looks distinctly brown and will be much better for it.

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