Proper Gander – a facebook site run by my friend Ian Cropton – these are his values!

Ian runs this great site that I try to contribute to. It’s on facebook – please check it out.

These are the values we subscribe to. They mirror my own.

Proper Gander – Our Values


The Proper Gander editorial team hold the following values very dear to our hearts and would hope that others do to

We would like to see the whole world living their lives in freedom. Freedom from financial shackles, freedom from ill-health, freedom from hunger, freedom from homelessness, freedom from artificial borders that divide us and most importantly freedom from the parasites that wish us to be enslaved so that they can have a nice easy life while the rest of us perish, working and making money for them, but not for us

All men and women are born equal. But it seems that some believe that they are more equal than others. This is not a valid way of building a fair and just society. The playing field needs to be levelled and everyone be given equal opportunities to become the best people that they can be. Everyone, no exceptions. And that means no parasites lording it up over the others

Everyone is unique. There are no two fingerprints that are identical. And yet we are all part of the human race, everyone in this world. We must utilise our unique strengths and all work together for the greater betterment of mankind, irregardless of cultural differences, ethnicity, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, political beliefs or the way each of us choose to live.

For, when it comes down to it, we may all be different, but we are all human. We are all part of the worldwide web of life. We are all One

In an ideal world, people would choose not to hurt other people, to steal other people’s possessions or land. We believe that this kind of society is achievable. Because to hurt or steal from your brother or sister is to hurt yourself.

For those who can’t except this simple rule of life, jusice must be fair and reasonable and applied equally to both the rich and the poor, with no exceptions

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