20 Tory Promises

We the Tory Party promise to:

  1.  Continue stealing your wages (particularly if you work in the Public Sector)
  2.  Continue to steal your pensions
  3.  Create crisis in the NHS
  4.  Create crisis in law and order
  5.  Create crisis in social care
  6.  Create crisis in education
  7.  Create crisis in Local Authorities
  8.  Create crisis in prisons and courts
  9.  Create crisis in the railways
  10.  Create crisis in Mental Health
  11.  Create crisis in the armed forces
  12.  Privatise at every opportunity
  13.  Ensure bankers and executive have tax cuts
  14.  Ensure the wealthy get big bonuses and pay rises
  15.  Ensure you can never own a home
  16.  Mess up Brexit
  17.  Shut down your Youth Services
  18.  Shut down your libraries
  19.  Have more pot-holes in roads
  20.  Pull the wool over your eyes

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