Emily’s Gone – a poem by John

I love John’s great poetry. He encapsulates so much.

This is a poem he wrote that tackles the victims of this bastard Tory Governments onslaught on the poor and public services which they call austerity.

I’m sure the rich bastards who are revelling in the increases they have had as hand-outs from this nasty bunch won’t care about Emily. They’ll laugh all the way to the bank

Emily’s Gone – by John


Emily Lush has died in vain

No bell to toll a sad refrain

To mark her passing. Who will see

Injustice and iniquity?

But simply say ‘She was insane.’


Her fellow citizens remain

Indifferent to her life and pain

Without remorse or empathy

Now Emily Lush has died.


The Government will not pertain

To comment, reason or explain

Dismiss responsibility

For victims of austerity

Yet block attempts to ascertain

Why Emily Lush has died.

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