Why we need a universal controlling body.

You know who’d you get with world government? People like Soro, Gates and Bezos.

I think it is precisely to control those bastards that we need a universal controlling body. If you would only look at it in a different way you’d see it is the only thing that makes sense.

Those elites are controlling government right now. They are above any law and control. They, and people like them, are stripping the Earth bare, exploiting everyone and lining their pockets with billions. They have all the politicians in their pocket.

They play nation against nation. They lobby, bribe and get the legislation they want – tax cuts – you got it! No health and safety – you got it! No environmental restrictions – you got it! No blocking tax evasion loopholes – you got it!  Take away worker rights with a gig economy – you got it! Reduce wages with threat of austerity – you got it! Put out a Union scare – you got it!  Distract the population with immigration, terrorism and Muslims – you got it! Deny all the environmental damage – you got it!  Deny global warming and the extinction rates – you got it!

Your worst nightmare is already going on in front of your eyes.

You think it might happen with a world government – it is already happening!

What we need is a universal controlling body to stop them getting away with it.

6 thoughts on “Why we need a universal controlling body.

      1. It would be a damn sight cheaper than going into these bloody wars though wouldn’t it. Afghanistan has cost the States a cool trillion dollars! The UN would be a cheaper option.

      2. This is the trouble. They try to go in for the kill and then pull out – result, inconsistency. The UN could, over time, develop a sustainable regional approach to conflict. If we had leaders with foresight and courage , they could perhaps convince us of that …

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