Wedding Number Three – The Pagan Maypole Fiasco – anecdote

Wedding Number Three – The Pagan Maypole Fiasco


As it was May 1st and Liz’s twenty first birthday we decided to get a Maypole fertility symbol and do our own Woodstock gathering/pagan ceremony.

We invited all our friends and family.

Liz’s parents boycotted it. It was becoming a pattern.

Richmond Park would not let us put up a Maypole.

We couldn’t get a Maypole.

We had no money, food, drink or sounds.

So we sent out an invite (a photo of us with handwritten invite on the back) to a Pagan wedding ceremony in Oxshot Woods.

In true sixties fashion everyone had to bring food and drink to share and perform something – A poem, song, mime, dance – we got the lot. Without much preparation from us the thing just happened. We brought some French baguettes cut into pieces, some diced butter and diced cheese and I think that was it. The rest was down to chance.

We found a clearing in among the trees, a friend miraculously set up a sound system from his van and everyone gathered- they somehow found us! (apart from one couple who spent the afternoon wandering around Oxshot Woods looking for us).

We had been a little concerned as the week before the heavens had opened and it had snowed. What would we have done then? We had no plans. But it shined on us and was warm and pleasant. We set the woods alight with laughter, dancing, guitars, Rock, mime (? – yes mime), drama, singing and had fun. There was food and drink aplenty. Everybody had come up trumps. There was food, drink and entertainment aplenty.

We’d collected these ice-cream tubs from cinemas which were like Greek goblets. We used them for drinks. They worked well.

It went like magic. It was magic. My parents sat serenely in the middle while everyone, long-haired and in the brightest colours, cavorted around. I have a mental picture of them sitting there enjoying it – my Dad with pipe in mouth and my Mum smiling.

Instead of a maypole we had a living tree. We had a big circle dance. It was crazy and mad. It was a fiasco that all went to plan! Whatever plan that was!

That was the best Wedding of the three!

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Number Three – The Pagan Maypole Fiasco – anecdote

  1. Loved the stories of all three weddings. I don’t believe you could have made it anymore special than that! Did Liz’s parents ever come around?

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