Has Globalisation created gross inequality leading to civil unrest?

52% of the entire wealth of America goes to just 1% of the population.

By 2030 the world’s top 1% is on target to own two-thirds of the world’s wealth.

While the recession has eroded workers’ jobs, rights and wages the top 1% have been steadily getting richer and richer. They’ve never had it so good.

With the advent of AI this gap is only going to get bigger unless the politicians come up with a solution.

As a wealthy elite pulls further and further ahead the average worker finds themselves struggling to survive. Their pensions have been slashed, their earning have declined, their rights have been eroded.

No wonder people are angry!

This anger is now being channelled into racism and fear of terrorism by right-wing populists.

Is this what has given rise to Trump, Brexit and the rise of the extreme right?

16 thoughts on “Has Globalisation created gross inequality leading to civil unrest?

  1. Quite obviously yes. Take the EU. Tomorrow the EU vote of new laws on internet restriction, the European Copyright Directive, articles 11 and 13 of which are very worrying. Article 11 is a “Links” tax for comments posted in social media which will be payable to the content originators on the part of the social media companies. So if you want to include a link to a newspaper article in a post, the social media company hosting the site you are posting on will have to pay a tax or they will not allow the link. It is highly unlikely they will be paying the tax.
    Basically, they are taking the “inter” out of the net.

    This is the start of Stage 2 of EU diversion tactics to undermine social media being used for protest, which is their biggest enemy.

    You can email your MEP immediately to voice complaint.

    1. The copyright directive is very worrying but that is not really the thrust of my article is it?
      It seems to me that all politicians the world over have been slow to deal with the way big business is abusing international possibilities to exploit people and ratchet up profits.

      1. So this isn’t exploiting people?

        I think you will find that most politicians the world over are owned.
        You are wasting your breath.

      2. Quote: “all politicians the world over…”
        That’s quite a statement to be making.
        At what point in history would you start such analysis?
        It wouldn’t matter as the end result is always the same.

  2. I really cannot understand from where you came up with any of this alleged anger being channeled into racism and fear of terrorism by right-wing populists.
    This is such a false statement to make and highly irresponsible.
    This is an example of the worst excesses of social media.

    1. No. I think it is completely true. I see it in practice all the time. It was there in Brexit and Trump campaigns and it is there in every right-wing fascist party on the continent. No doubt whatsoever.

  3. Politicians never have been and never will be the commanding forces to developments in industry. The companies investing in A/I have nothing to do with governments.

    The success of Trump has nothing to do with Brexit.
    Trump was a success due to the obscene failures of the Democrats. The USA people need jobs and not flooded with cheap migrant labour. It’s a no brainer.

    Brexit was because of the insane policies enforced by the EU. As well as the simmering threat from Turkey which could very possibly be an EU member state, at least on a trial basis within the next five years, possibly less. The potential of millions of Muslim Turks arriving into the UK was too much for most people to contemplate.
    We all know the probable consequences of such a threat and history has taught us many stark lessons. We now know better.

    1. No No and No.
      A/I will result in huge inequalities as workforces are laid off and corporations funnel more profits into the pockets of the wealthy – 52% of American wealth funnelled into the top 1%. It is getting worse. Of course governments have a duty to address this – whether through taxation, corporation taxes or other means.
      The Trump and Brexit campaigns liaised and used the same tactics. Farage and Trump had close contact and the money had similar right-wing sources.
      Turkey was and is never going to be part of the EU. That was pure scaremongering. The success of the Brexit campaign was based on lies about money and scaremongering about terrorism, Muslims, Eastern Europeans and being swamped. It was disgusting.

      1. So what. That was the plan of action. Apart from several authors such as George Orwell and Ray Bradbury with their perceptions of the future, this concept of the future was first muted way back on BBC1’s Tomorrow’s World programme, where it clearly stated that in future society would work less. Our lives would be mostly one of leisure with much less work detail.
        These corporations that seem to be giving you terrors of paranoia, what is there to stop people starting their own corporations? Nothing actually.
        This is where the mindset such as yours completely fails because you always expect others to provide a living for you. It’s a rather shocking state of affairs to me where people expect everything on a plate and mapped out for them. But maybe that’s all you know because weren’t you a teacher? That would perhaps explain why you do think like that. State employed civil servants never were known for starting businesses.

        No. You are completely wrong about the reasons for the result on Brexit. There was nothing close to any liason between Trump and Brexit. To assume there was is idiotic. In case you forgot, people did not vote for Farage on the Brexit vote. They were asked a simple question – stay or leave. Period.
        We need to make our own decisions for ourselves. What the EU has been doing for the last decade is appalling. My bullshit detector is fully functional. Yours maybe busted.

        If Turkey is never going to be part of the EU, why therefore is there an entire EU division of experts and analysts whom have been very busy for at least the last five years working on an economic plan that they envisage would work were Turkey given full EU membership, or a participatory membership, similar to Denmark?
        It very much looks to me that you really haven’t got your facts together here at all.

      2. Can’t you see a con trick when it’s in front of your eyes?
        Turkey is never going to be part of the EU. But Turkey is necessary to keep onside. It’s dealing with all those immigrants, its a necessary military base. We need Turkey And Turkey is living off the cash we ply them with and the promise we wave.
        We employ all those people to put together the conditions for Turkey to aspire to but never be able to achieve. Erdogan doesn’t need EU status – just the promise of it to wave to people. It gives him power.
        You can see that, Everything he’s done with his crackdown on the press, courts and democracy moves him further away from ever getting EU status. It’s a red herring.

      3. I think you will find there is one major element preventing people setting up their own companies; it is called cash.
        If it were simple to make money everyone would be doing it and you’d be a millionaire – which you are patently not.
        There was very close liaison between the two campaigns. Trump said so himself. They used the same strategists and tactics. Farage was feted by Trump.
        What the EU has been doing is mixed.
        The reasons for Brexit are obvious – immigration, nationalism, finance, reclaiming borders, fear of terrorism, dissatisfaction with politicians and wishing to rebel and dislike of EU. For most people it was immigration that was the factor.

  4. I would have to disagree almost entirely with your every point for very good reasons.
    Your naivety is priceless.
    Turkey is not dealing with all those immigrants – as you widely speculate. Turkey has fended off, quite admirably some may say, all certainty of responsibility towards this massive problem.
    Turkey has always had military bases, none of which have anything to do with the EU.
    In case you didn’t notice – as yet the EU has no dealings or any governance over any sovereign military aspects. Of course, we are all well aware of aspirations concerning the implementation an EU Army. An EU Army in tandem with NATO. We can see where that’s going, can’t we?
    Erdogan has only been in office since August 2014! So what he hell are you talking about – waving promises to people and it giving him power?
    Erdogan runs his regime by fear, tyranny and oppression with a major leaning on the teachings of Islam. He has developed an entire cloak of secret police and internal security where there is absolutely zero tolerance of any opposition and deletion of opinions.
    You just have no knowledge on any of this at all. Please go and learn something of this.

    Everybody knows that Turkey offers a revolving door of almost unlimited numbers of cheap labour if required. The EU – which to all intents and purposes is nothing more than a huge corporation, will if required use that labour. They could open that lid at anytime they liked.
    If you wake up a little and I recommend that you do at your soonest opportunity, you will understand that what he is doing is not much different from the plethora of restrictive Orwellian control systems currently widespread throughout Europe, where freedom of speech and opinion is being censored by state controlled EU led management policy.

    Your knowledge of franchised company development is as expected also near zero.
    More companies open up on any given day than close down. Cash is always available to new emerging companies with good planning ideas. That’s how commerce runs and that’s why it is open to everyone. It is not an elitist concept to make money for one’s self. Were one a hard boiled Marxist, then it most probably would. But we don’t operate with quite such a reliance on State Mothership. At least in UK.

    You have simply no idea as to whether or not I am a millionaire. What a dumb statement as ill afforded of any semblance of any knowledge. Were I to cash in on my assets I would easily be. My house is worth £850k alone, my holiday cottage in County Cork at about £150k. For starters there’s your million. Only it isn’t yours, but mine. Please, what are you about?
    What bloody business is it of yours to speculate on what I am worth or what you think I am worth? Grow up. It’s an adult world and some of us understand money more than others. Your career never offered you that opportunity as you knew exactly to the bloody rotten last penny what your earnings would be this time next year. I really don’t know how you got out of bed for it. My company made it’s money from teaching corporate management with critical assertive practices techniques – and I can see from you that you could have very much done with at least several very concentrated courses. An example of critical assertive practice for instance, would be securing a loan backing for a new business plan startup for a new company. It’s not that difficult when you know how.

    I think you will find that Trump’s strategics and tactics were a world away. You’ve obviously really no understanding of what you’ve just said there. The complexities of the US Presidential race do not compare. Effectively they are dealing with some 50 small countries in their own right. The margins of differences between north and south, east and west to mid-west are incredibly complex.
    I don’t recall giving a damn what American supported Farage. I could not have cared less. I don’t think anybody was interested in the slightest and it certainly would not have made a single difference to the way they voted.
    Of course the reasons for Brexit are obvious. That’s why people understood why it was so important to leave the EU. These people who made the vote to leave had thought about the matter a great deal more than the sheep-people who just decided to “leave things as they were”, those people that can’t handle change, those people who know nothing about leadership and personal responsibility – the state sponging sheeples.

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