What I like about Labour Policy.

I have just reread the Labour Party Manifesto. I think it is the best manifesto I have ever read. There are so many great policies and commitments. It highlights for me what a total mess the Tories have made of things. They have cut and destroyed many great things and introduced privatisation in order to provide more profits for the wealthy. At the same time they have given tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations. It is not difficult to see who they represent.

The Labour Party is about fairness.

Studying the Manifesto this becomes obvious.

I have picked out the bits I particularly liked:

1.      Support the many not the few

2.      Investment in infrastructure

3.      Support of renewables

4.      Support tidal lagoons

5.      Protection of the environment

6.      Address the gender pay gap

7.      Top 5% to contribute more tax

8.      Higher corporation taxes

9.      Clamp down on tax avoidance

10.   Fair treatment of regions

11.   HS2 into Leeds, Manchester and Scotland

12.   Crossrail for the North

13.   Superfast Broadband

14.   Support of Industry

15.   Reduce boardroom pay with 20:1 gap between high and low pay

16.   Regional development banks

17.   Amend company laws to protect workers and pensions (not just shareholders)

18.   Renationalise rail, energy, water and royal mail

19.   Insulate homes

20.   Interest free loans to improve properties

21.   Ban fracking

22.   Support carbon capture and storage

23.   Not scapegoat immigrants

24.   Fair immigration rules

25.   Protect those already working here

26.   Stop overseas only  recruitment

27.   Welcome international students

28.   Unrestricted trade with the EU

29.   Commitment to lifelong learning

30.   Not support Grammar Schools or Free Schools

31.   Not to push academies

32.   Invest in education

33.   Introduce fair pay for teachers and reverse cuts

34.   Put creativity back at the heart of the curriculum

35.   Address teacher workload issue

36.   Childcare support for early years

37.   Support apprenticeships

38.   Reintroduce student maintenance grants

39.   Abolish University tuition fees

40.   Address Workers’ rights

41.   Ban zero hours contracts

42.   Legislate to avoid undercutting of pay from abroad

43.   Repeal Trade Union act

44.   Raise minimum wage

45.   End public sector pay cap for Schools, NHS, Social Services, Police, Fire Fighters, Armed Forces and Council Workers

46.   Ban unpaid internships (favouring the wealthy)

47.   Double paid paternity leave

48.   Guarantee Winter fuel and bus passes for pensioners

49.   Scrap the bedroom tax

50.   Support for the disabled

51.   Build council housing and housing association housing to ease housing shortage

52.   Help first-time house buyers

53.   Remove government restrictions for councils to build houses

54.   National plan to end rough sleeping

55.   Properly resource the NHS

56.   Increase NHS spending by £30 Billion

57.   Guarantee the rights of EU workers in the NHS

58.   Reverse privatisation in the NHS

59.   Address the cuts to Social Care

60.   Reverse the damage done to Mental Health Services

61.   Recruit 10,000 more police for community work

62.   Maintain intelligence partnerships with the EU

63.   Recruit 500 more border guards

64.   Recruit 3000 new firefighters

65.   Retain the Human Rights act

66.   Address the erosion of our Justice System

67.   Recruit 3000 new prison officers

68.   No new private prisons

69.   Increase funding to local government

70.   End cuts to Youth services

71.   End Post Office closures

72.   Set up a Post Office bank

73.   Protect bees by banning neonicotinoids

74.   Commit to high animal welfare standards

75.   Maintain bans on fox hunting, hare coursing and badger culling

76.   End cuts for libraries, art galleries and museums

77.   Support small music venues

78.   Increase Armed Forces spending

What is not to like?

Read it in detail:


8 thoughts on “What I like about Labour Policy.

  1. The one thing you left out, the TRUTH. The Truth that Corbyn and McDonnell and their filthy violent, vicious thugs are Anti Semites and Racists, how you bury your head shocks me Opher. Corbyn/McDonnell and filth that works for them stand by Terrorists to this day, they support them. Terrorists that butchered decent Men, Castrated those very men and Corbyn stands there with pride over the grave of such filth. Easy to try and fool everyone with that above, but there are those of us who know what Labour under Corbyn is all about. They threaten decent MPs their own who disagree with Corbyn, they accuse a respected, decent honest MP of being a Paedophile. There is so much wrong with this Country but if you think for one moment Corbyn/McDonnell and the filthy thugs that surround them are the answer, than God help us all. I know what we should have but you just call me Far Right etc. I have become Right and I am proud of it, we need to sort this Country out the way the decent people want this Country to be. Not flood it even more with violent illegal immigrants, hand out more money to the scum that refuse to work, I am NOT saying that there are not people who are in desperate need of help there are, but it does not go to them it goes to the women with 6/8/10 plus more kids, shacked up with every tom dick and harry, and if that offends you then the truth offends. I know what Corbyn/McDonnell and co are about they will destroy this Country. Why do you think MI5/MI6 and all the others are so very concerned if they take power. Your answer to me will be about the Tories about me being critical of Labour, sorry but you never answer the questions posed to you.

    1. LOL Anna – they won’t have a chance to destroy this country. The Tories have nearly completed the job.
      As I said before – tell me one racist thing Corbyn has said.

      1. I strongly disagree. We all know for a fact that the last Labour government was responsible for a great deal of damage and incurring debts at an unprecedented level.

        Corbyn’s record of intimidation against Jews is on the Palestine LIVE webpage. He was making derogatory anti-Semitic posts to political friends and supporters for several years.
        I think Corbyn to be a rather backward individual with a mindset from forty, fifty years ago. He has no place in politics today and very little chance of ever securing many votes from the under thirties.

      2. Well thank you for your views Richard. I, of course, don’t agree one bit. Corbyn is not a racist and has not been making anti-Semitic remarks. I have never heard a single one.
        Corbyn has the policies that have broad support, particularly among the young.
        Roll on the next election I say. We’ll see!
        The latest UGOV poll on the 7th Sept has Labour 4 points clear on 41% and the Tories on 37%. People are waking up to the ineptitude and wicked policies of this incompetent Tory government who are serving the rich and screwing everyone else into the ground.

      3. People have not forgotten the destructive shambles Labour left.
        Your poll is not worth your breath.
        Go read his posts. How can you hear what he typed? Is that one of these leftie denial tactics. Very good, but not good enough.
        Nobody is interested in Labour anymore and that’s probably been the case since Corbyn arrived.

      4. Richard – a typical Tory ploy. The ‘shambles’ as you so describe was a world recession that started in America. Quite a silly thing to blame Labour for a recession that started with subprime and brought down Lehman Brothers. Or are you conveniently forgetting that?
        As I say – the incompetence of this ideological Tory government is destroying the country. Presently we have a crisis in schools, the NHS, police, armed forces, prisons, the legal system, social services, councils, mental health, youth services, railways, postal services, libraries, roads and a totally inept negotiation of Brexit.
        On top of that we have tax cuts for the rich and tax cuts for corporations and privatisation, putting money in the pockets of wealthy shareholders, wherever they can squeeze it in. The Tories are callous scum.
        I ask could anybody be much worse that that? No. I think not. And Labour policies are spot on.
        I would also remind you that they are popular too – 4 points ahead of the Tories!

    2. What are you about here? You have a damaged memory. What Labour did was stupid.
      Why if this world recession was such, why didn’t every country fall to financial bits?
      Please don’t bring US domestic problems as your reason for a diabolical performance. Labour are notoriously bad a economics and handling money. They are useless at it.

      We cannot run the country as was because we have too may people requiring support.
      We have too many people jammed into too few areas. We have no homes for several million people who really shouldn’t be here and are overloading the system.

      If that’s all you can express yourself with, comments like Tory scum, I didn’t realise I was talking to a half-witted toe-rag.
      I could take 2 weeks to educate you but why we have problems but what would be the point if you put your faith in stupid dumb polls! UKIP will decimate Labour.
      UKIP will do so much damage to Labour.

      1. Nothing damaged about my memory thanks. I don’t need any Tory nutcase coming out with jibes like that on my blog thanks.
        You are one deluded man. Not only do you make things up but you seem detached from reality. UKIP – a bunch of nationalist scum worse than the Tories are a totally spent force. They had a complete arsehole in charge called Farage and now they have a totally screwy lunatic. You live in cloud cuckoo land.

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