The Nature of this Blog and Blog policy.

I enjoy reasoned intelligent debate. The more the better. I enjoy comments and asides. You don’t have to agree with me but do me the courtesy of an intelligent, rational argument.

I accept that views are different on all matters but those differences can be aired in a civilised manner.

I will not tolerate the same old crew coming on to my blog under assumed names so that they can undermine, pick fault and cause trouble.

I will simply delete all comments which are abusive or contain personal derogatory statements. Likewise I will delete comments that are mean-minded and pedantic. I will also delete comments that are racist, homophobic or inciting violence and hatred.

This is a blog for intelligent adults. The most sensitive and controversial subjects (such as racism, religion, politics and hatred) can be dealt with in a civilised manner. If you are incapable of doing such then kindly do not comment. That saves me having to press the delete button.

6 thoughts on “The Nature of this Blog and Blog policy.

  1. Clan what does that mean? Opher we write blogs, not everyone is going to agree, I have had some but I just delete them. Racism, does that mean you would never praise Corbyn on here after all he is antisemitic and is spouting hatred and is causing trouble. No one is perfect, but I can appreciate if someone is being verbally abusive in a disgusting way not wanting them on your blog. Or being spiteful/hurtful/acting like a real bitch, as I have recently had, I just ignored it.

    1. Anna – I am presently suffering from the same person popping up in many guises with the same abusive tripe. They attack my guests and are obnoxious.
      I used to have a policy of leaving every reply and putting my own replies. I have had to modify that because my guests are being abused too.
      I delete them. They are an aggravation.
      I am also inundated with spam – about 3000+ a day.
      As for Corbyn – there is an establishment spin – I have yet to read a single instance where he has said anything racist or anti-semetic. Just try and find one.

      1. Opher you do make me laugh at times. Now come Opher you know very well what Corbyn is, what Corbyn has done, what Corbyn is doing, what Corbyn has said, you do not need me to inform you. One point, has Corbyn at any time stopped what is going on with the thugs that surround him and the Jewish Hate campaign they are running. Next you will tell me that Frank Field and all the other MPs that oppose Corbyn are not being bullied/threatened/having slander about them, and the most disgusting slander about them being spread around. Hatton, remember that Liverpool thing that extreme left wing of the 70s/80/s back again, I remember the fists raised and the filth they came out with, that lot up there where he comes from are running a vicious/hateful campaign to rid them of all the duly elected decent Labour MPs that are there. I don’t like Blair you know that, for me he has too much blood on his hands, but what he said the other day was correct. Only too little too late. I suppose the Jewish Communities have imagined all the Hate that is coming from Corbyn and his henchmen. I suppose all the violence that has already been shown to Jewish women their children is imagined, like the Jewish Community saying they would leave this Country the Country where they were born because they would fear for their life if Corbyn and his henchmen got in.

        I don’t know who is abusing you, obviously that was going on whilst I have ill, if you feel that strongly then you must do what you feel is right. As I told you I had something sent to me that was very hurtful, vicious, spiteful, only a bitch would send it, I am not sure if it was directly aimed at me or the fact I am English or British as that person believes, and they knew it would cause me hurt. I wanted to answer but held back, my Sons told me to totally ignore it, which I have. That individual is beneath contempt. I don’t understand though why the person who was rude to you should be rude to others on your site. We both have at times not agreed, like the above but I still regard you as my Friend. As for spam, yes it is very annoying, you have no idea how much I had when I came back, and I am not even fully back, it just builds up. All the best, as ever.

      2. Anna – I hope you are better? Health is such an important factor.
        Strangely I hear all these things about Corbyn being anti-Semitic or racist yet I never hear anything about what he actually said. I think it is all hearsay geared to harming him.
        There are fanatics in all parties. They are deplorable. Some of the stuff that went down in the Tory leadership campaign was disgusting. They cover it up better. Right now we have the Boris betrayals.
        It seems to me that both parties are split top to toe. What Labour need to do is to kick out the Blairites. They are watered-down Tories and are causing all the trouble. They are constantly spreading lies. If they can’t be loyal they should get out. Same with Boris.
        There was a leadership election. They should either challenge it and have another leadership contest or shut up and put their shoulder to the wheel. I’ve no time for duplicitous traitors who can’t accept the situation.
        Frank Field has always been out of step. Even Blair chucked him out.
        I’ve studied the Labour manifesto and it’s brilliant. Best I’ve ever seen. They need to get behind it and fight the damn Tories who are busy ineptly messing up the country. I’ve never known such an extreme bunch.
        The establishment, who the Tories represent, are frightened by the prospect of Corbyn getting in. They’re pulling out all the stops to undermine him.
        He’ll do it though because what he says is right. Then he’ll sort those wealthy exploiters and aristocrats out!

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