What were the drivers for Brexit, Trump and the rise of the extreme right?

It is easy to look back at the factors that have brought us to this state of affairs. There was a great number of major problems that were not addressed by the politicians that resulted in the situation we find ourselves. I’ll focus on Britain but similar factors were at work within the USA and other European countries:

  1. The wars, poverty and overpopulation in many Muslim countries resulted in mass migrations to Europe.
  2. Terrorism and radicalisation in many Muslims resulting in callous bombings, beheadings and other atrocities.
  3. The grouping of immigrants into various places in large numbers.
  4. The springing up of mosques all over the country and perceived intrusion into our Western culture of an alien culture.
  5. The wearing of burkas and niqabs reinforcing this feeling on intrusion and alien unWestern culture.
  6. The extremism of some Muslims stridently calling for sharia law.
  7. The rise in sex crimes, rapes, knife crime and gang activity blamed on Muslim and Eastern European immigrants.
  8. The mass immigration of people from the Eastern European countries and their congregation into certain areas.
  9. Hearing so many foreign languages on the streets and seeing so many shops opening up catering for Easter European tastes.
  10. They felt our social services, schools, NHS and other services were being abused by immigrants.
  11. The undemocratic nature of the EU.
  12. The laws that were passed by the EU without Britain having control.
  13. The aims of the EU in creating greater unity well beyond trade.
  14. The right-wing nature of the EU.
  15. The perceived extensive bureaucracy of the EU.
  16. The overbearing nature of the EU as exemplified by its treatment of Greece.

The result of this was that many people felt that we were being swamped with foreigners and our culture was in danger of being displaced.

They were concerned that terrorists and religious extremists were coming into the country under the guise of refugees.

They thought these people were taking jobs that British people should be doing.

They were fearful for their safety as crime increased.

They distrusted the EU.

Of course the right-wing and populist politicians took these fears and exaggerated them for their own ends.

Our politicians were far too slow at dealing with the problems and allowed them to fester.

The result is Trump, Brexit and the rise of the extreme right-wing. They promise to deal with these problems with black and white solutions:

a. Stop immigration – build walls

b. Deport immigrants

c. Ban burkas and deport radicals

d. Dump the EU and get back sovereignty.

e. Isolate and bring back nationalism.

They hark back to a nostalgic golden age (that never was) when we did not have these immigrants, were in charge of our own destiny and everything was rosy. That was never the case.

I would ask if there isn’t another, a better way of dealing with these problems???


35 thoughts on “What were the drivers for Brexit, Trump and the rise of the extreme right?

  1. You cannot possibly have ordered that 16-point list in any manner of priority? I think my ten years old boy could do a more orderly and thorough job there.

    The main reason for Brexit in UK was to do with Germany. When Merkel suggested that she was going to give the 1.3 million Islamic immigrants residency the question arose as to whether these people could them come to the UK. The answer to that was yes. The majority of UK voters, mainly left-wing, where 70% of Labour constituencies voted to leave the EU, for Brexit, had thought better of that prospect.
    Merkel has since rescinded her statement due to the amount of political upheaval and national discontent that it had caused and also reversed her decision and stated all immigrants must now be resettled back to where they came.

    Every rotten rapacious exploiting capitalist corporation is striving to persuade working people in Britain that they should vote to remain in the EU. If that doesn’t make you smell a rat, what would? These are giant rats, and all they’ve done leading up to the crash, and done since the crash, and unless you are one of them why on earth would you take their advice this?
    The people that are funding Remain / Project Fear, are not the most ethical people in the world.

      1. And what exactly are they funding? That a very fine heavy-weight line-up of intellectualism that you have listed there. Fair play to you as I couldn’t have named five better centre forwards myself.
        Rees-Mogg has more brains than the entire shadow cabinet combined.
        At least that’s the end of Comrade Corbyn. The British Communist Party (Labour) will now be taking a whipping now that Nigel Farage is returning to the front line. You and your early 20th century minded cronies must be devastated!

      2. Spare me. Your judgement is severely flawed if you think they’ve got a brain cell between them. Rees-Mogg is a prize twerp. I think the word was invented for him.
        They are the most extreme bunch of right-wingers we’ve ever had. A nasty bunch of mealy-mouthed self-servers with extreme ideology.
        Farage – roll on – what a stereotyped farce he is.

      3. When one has a mentality like that where does it lead you?
        I’m not right wing. I’m simply disgusted with leftist-idiot-diversity turning our cities into shit zones. You have a problem with that?

      4. Mr Opher – your comment on Farage where you said “Farage – roll on – what a stereotyped farce he is.” is just plain stupidity. Your complete ignorance is noted. Have you ever listened to his phone-in show on LBC? Did you listen to yesterday’s programme about UK’s fishing rights?
        You didn’t. Says it all really.

      5. Extreme right-wing? Tell that to the honourable members of the Labour Party. Labour’s ex-Chief Whip, Frank Field recently resigned in protest of toleration of anti-Semitism, intolerance, nastiness and intimidation.

      6. Ha Ha – James Cuthbertson – any fool who’s taken in by the rude and offensive nationalism of the obnoxious Farage is not in any position to criticise are they? Farage is an extreme idiot and unpleasant with it.

      7. There’s really nothing rude and offensive about nationalism.
        You really need to get a grip with this. I suggest you watch some of his speeches addressed to the Brussels Fascists.
        Then listen to his LBC radio shows.
        Then imagine him as the next Lord Mayor of London, because that’s where he’s going.

        Besides I rather have “rude and offensive” than the new-Labour Nazi xenophobic, racist anti-Semitism any day.
        At least Farage isn’t running a bunch of really nasty bastards like the Nazi Momentum with their Brown shirt thugs…and Corbyn is literally Hitler. Oh the irony.

      8. Nationalism is an abomination. We want rid of it as much as the fascism it spawns. Farage is a dickhead. This right-wing created garbage about Labour and antisemitism is just that – garbage. A complete joke to accuse Labour or Corbyn of racism in any form – that’s Farage’s staple diet!

      9. You really do speak the most awful rubbish.
        Frank Field – Labour Chief Whip, no less, said it all. Far too many Labour members are vicious, nasty, intolerant, bullying thugs escalating a hard line attack with anti-Semitism and anybody else they don’t like.
        You know that, and you’re ashamed at your stupidity of having tended to the wrong grave for so long, but just can’t admit it.
        Farage is way ahead of anybody in Labour. There’s nobody that can come close to his oratory skills and his knowledge is incredible. He makes Corbyn and co look like they all died three months ago.
        I think you will find that nationalism is extremely alive and kicking and taking control all over Europe. On every social media platform you care to look everybody is talking about just how finished the leftist neo-liberal fascists are.

      10. Yes sadly you are right that the scourge of nationalism and fascism is on the rise all over Europe. It is driven by racism and Islamophobia. We fought many wars against fascists. Millions have died and we might have to fight more yet! But one thing is clear – they will never take control of anywhere! They are a racist bunch of fascist thugs and fortunately most people are much too civilised and intelligent to fall for their vicious racist crap.
        Farage is a nasty little weasel – a little Englander of the worst type. I’m ashamed to come from the same place as the little rat. As for oratory skills – every word that comes from his mouth is shit. I’ve seen Corbyn talk and he was superb – and everything he said made sense – not like the rabble-rousing hatred of fascists and nationalists like Farage who peddle their xenophobia and lies.
        You are using the same tired tactics of twisting words. Frank Field was on his way out and was hitting back that’s all. He is out of step with Labour and has been for a long time. But he did not say what you said. He wants Labour to adopt the full international recognition of antisemitism and he was hitting out at a small element. It’s a joke to twist things round to claim Labour is at all racist. That a typical ploy. Like the ridiculous claim of left-wing fascism. Fascism is alive in the right-wing. Nazism was a right-wing phenomenon that tried to hide its clothing in socialism. UKIP are a nasty bunch of inward thinking small island racists.

    1. Absolutely agree. We have the most insanely deliberate and ultimately extremely dangerous activity being forced through at every opportunity. There will come a point when George Soros spins off this mortal coil and the money dries up and these people will be in panic mode of damage limitation before the rest of us kill them.
      It’s very simple really.

      1. When I see London now with 23 of its 33 Boroughs slam dunked with immigration
        and the indigenous British ethnic population represent the minority – two things immediately flag up.
        1. We have been lied to. Immigration figures must be so much higher than official figures. A short visit to Birmingham would confirm this.
        2. We have to do more and quickly. Leaving the EU is our immediate saving grace.

        For all these social justice bed-wetters out there, allow me to recommend Douglas Murray’s superb book “The Strange Death of Europe”.

    2. I think you suffer from cognitive dissonance. You just won’t accept the truth of the matter because it slaps you across the face with such severity and leaves you so dizzy that you can no longer focus. That’s what happens to people whom have been tending the wrong grave.
      If you want to live in an Islamic country – go live in one, see how long you last. Enjoy.
      But don’t shove your love for Islam down anybody else. The WHOLE of Europe has had enough in case you don’t know. What news do YOU watch? How come you just don’t get it?

      Farage is a master of truth. His speeches are fantastic. The nation loves him and English Londoner’s are begging him to be their next Lord Mayor. He’s giving it consideration, but as yet he’s undecided.
      Frank Field did in fact say everything I said he said. All you have to do is listen to the BBC. Guess what, the BBC have actually made a truthful news broadcast.
      In no way can you refute Field’s own words. They stand tall as righteous.
      Frank Field has illustrated just how extreme Corbyn and his racist crew are. A hateful bunch of disgusting extreme left-wing fascists intent on spreading hatred.
      You can fool yourself into believing all you like – the truth speaks for itself.

      Corbyn is a disaster. Upon interview he speaks in that this voice of his, so full of deeply controlled concentration as if he’s some kind of spiritual seer or the likes, one of these quacks we see with a wee pointy beard and wears a cape. Yet he spent his entire life on the back benches doing feck all except do lunch with the IRA and Hamas. He’s dangerous and certainly could never ever be trusted. He’s a career politician of the worst type. He’s done nothing except busy himself stirring up hatred.
      I could give you pages upon pages of material relating to his anti-Semitism business going back thirty years or so. His business with Palestine LIVE speaks for itself. Nobody writes for Palestine LIVE unless they are anti-Semitic. What part of that don’t you get? Nobody can write for them unless they hate Jews. Period.
      He’s an extremist so far removed from the mentality of the average Labour voter.
      His mentality can be further determined by his choice of personnel within his shadow cabinet. Some of these people have very serious mental health issues. Clearly.
      Thankfully Labour are very rapidly slipping down the toilet. They’re a mockery. They’re done. So many former Labour voters that I know wholly hate him.

      You are completely wrong. Right now at every angle you turn, you will see the huge rising swell of the right-wing pushing it’s way forward throughout Europe.
      Even the BBC is beginning to report as much, so it must be true. Not that I’m listening to the BBC, but I get the impression that you do. Because everything you’ve said so far is exactly their mandate and they’ve done a very good job of brainwashing you.
      Bah bah black sheeple Opher.

      1. James – you recite the fascist weekly at me and call me sheeple. Talk about Orwellian.
        Farage is a small-minded little Englander of the worst kind.
        Frank Field was referring to his own constituency where he has had trouble because of his views which are out of step. He was about to be deselected and good riddance.
        Corbyn’s policies are absolutely right – apart from his vacillation on Europe.
        The rise of fascism is a disgusting development – that racist scum need locking up.

  2. Opher, that’s a rather poor judgement call on Rees-Mogg. Even his worst enemy could not possibly say that he isn’t one of the brightest politicians that we’ve had in modern times. He is also nothing of any kind of right-wing extremist as he quite obviously completely supports Britain’s exit from the totalitarianism of the corrupt EU.

    There are a number of reasons why Brexit is very much the preference to the majority.
    On the home front, one of the moments of truth that rammed it home for me, was Labour’s Thornbury on LBC Radio, who claimed that after Brexit planes won’t fly and transport will come to a halt. I was most angered by the stupidity of that comment and considered it an insult to the industrious integrity of many of us from this country. I have no idea exactly to whom she thought she was addressing these comments but I know for a fact that not even WW2 did that to planes and transport.

    I detest anything to do with a Totalitarian Military Police State. I looked at the extraordinary levels of violence by Spanish Police beating up young people, old people, where hundreds were injured in attempts to stop them having the simple basic right to vote the way they see fit.
    The European Union failed to condemn it. In fact they applauded this vile action.
    Three days after this horrific event, this considered and calculated response was made by Franz Timmermans, European Commission First Vice-President (don’t they love their titles and I don’t know how many other vice presidents there are). He said this, quote: “EU members have the right to use proportionate force to defend the rule of law. It is the duty of any government to uphold the rule of law and this sometimes requires proportionate use of force.” “Respect for the rule of law is not optional, it is fundamental.” This was the official statement made by the EU in relation to the events of thug-barbarity meted out to the citizens of Catalonia.
    Who makes the laws? People like him.
    That’s why we’re out. It’s a no-brainer.

    Just these two examples are enough to stir a hornet’s nest. The concept of the EU has its origins in the German Nazi Party and looks very much as if that very same mentality is at work and play today. It is right-wing extremism.
    We also have the situation surrounding our very reasons for joining in 1974. More and more evidence suggests that Edward Heath’s paedophile activities resulted in him being severely compromised by a blackmail plot. He had his arm twisted to make him lead us there.

    1. Well I certainly don’t agree with your extreme view of Europe. Obviously it is nothing to do with Nazi Germany. When you talk in that way it just sounds silly. If it was as fascist as you suggest it is rather strange that every singly extreme right-wing group in every country wants to leave it.
      This is a complex issue. There are lots of things wrong with the EU and Brexit has highlighted a number of them. The way that it has treated Greece and its response to Catalonia are two such causes for concern. Likewise its undemocratic nature and pathetically slow response to the mass migration problem. However, as an outward looking, freedom of trade and movement and a bloc that holds power it is excellent and as a body that brings so many nations together it has been, along with NATO, an organisation that has enabled peace in Europe for the longest time ever. Complacency over peace is daft. Bringing cultures together to talk and resolve differences stops things blowing up. Yugoslavia should be a warning to all.
      Leaving the EU will not resolve those issues within the EU, but will leave Britain poorer and weaker.

    2. Yes it is strange and you will not be helped with this pedantic approach employed searching for extremism. Not by any stretch are all the reasons considered by many countries all stemming from the right-wing. They too all witnessed and fully understood the EU support on hundreds of people taking a bashing in Catalonia.
      They too fully understood the absolute outrage of the general public throughout Europe. They too recognised these actions as a repeat performance as committed by the worst political excesses we have seen in modern Europe.
      These are NOT my views, this is what actually happened in front of your eyes. This is actually the EU official public response.
      Anybody who cannot understand that has a serious problem.
      These EU officials condoned exactly the sort of police state mentality with exactly the same sort of brutality as witnessed in Budapest in 1956 and Prague in 1968.
      A thorough revision of history will be helpful to understand this.
      You also need to understand just how wrong you are making that silly mistake thinking Fascisism is only a right-wing mechanism.
      We have many, many examples of left-wing Fascism today.
      There are a number of reasons why other parties in other countries – I say other because they are NOT all right-wing as you have claimed – wish to leave the EU.
      Greece was some time ago. As was Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. The Catalonia incident was very recently, long after UK’s applied intention to leave the EU was made. Therefore, EU’s public response was applied in the full knowledge that the UK was intending to leave. That must have been a very stark message received by all the other member states who value their freedoms and despise state brutality forced upon its citizenship.
      What freedom of trade? I don’t think you fully understand what you just said there.
      You think it is “outward looking”? Why, by imposing false tariffs on food, clothing and shoes, hiking the prices up by around 10% over that of the world trade market and shoving the profits into the Bundesbank? Outward looking – Is it?
      NATO is controlled by the USA, in case you failed to catch on to what Trump said on his most recent visit. He also said that if you want NATO, you’re going to have to start paying for it because USA is no longer prepared to foot the bill.
      What are you talking about with Yugoslavia? Didn’t you watch on your TV screen NATO doing nothing in Yugoslavia? Didn’t you learn anything since about the reasons for the explosion in Yugoslavia? Are you serious? Surely not?
      What sort of level of understanding am I dealing with here?
      Have I been duped and talking to a thirteen years old just starting out on their history of Europe studies because this is what it looks like.

      There is no possibility that the UK will be weaker. Just about the entire world, that’s the other 85% of the world trade market in case you forget that detail, is looking to sign trade deals. We should have done this decades ago.

      Today in Germany, there is a rapid growth movement in defiance of the tyranny of the EU. This is what the co-leader of Germany’s opposition party, Alice Weidel of the AfD had to say to Merkel and her corrupt cronies in the German parliament recently with regard to the disgusting treatment being meted out to the UK.
      Please note that the AfD as a party do not want to leave the EU, but believe that weaker states such as Greece should be allowed to and there should not be a single currency.
      Weidel said:-
      “The EU wants to make an example of Great Britain, a sanction beyond any economical or political reason. This is not how to treat a European partner. And by the way, the recession that was predicted ahead of the referendum stayed away, and the British economy has shown growth. Now Brussels, Paris and Berlin are afraid that others could follow, that other states in Europe could take back their sovereignty. And that is why the European Commission is planning to restrict Britain’s access to the single market already during the transition period and by supporting these plans of the ostracism of Germany’s most important trading partner in the EU, you are taking free trade and competition inside Europe as a hostage and make it a failed EU ideology. The historically grown and good trading relationship with Great Britain and the rest of the continent have to be maintained otherwise Europe will be at a disadvantage in the global trade.
      The corruption within the EU is evidently clear and they are making it so untenable with the objective that we fail.”

      I think that very intelligent lady summed that up rather neatly.

      1. Socio – The way forward is rational debate on complex issues without the abuse, personal put-downs and childish tribalism. I live in hope.

  3. It seems that there are some people working in Brussels who are not completely stupid and understand the folly of not giving UK decent terms of Brexit.
    It’s also encouraging to see at last the German people saying no more and enough to Merkel. She’s calling demonstration of complaint about German’s being raped and stabbed to death as “vigilante”. This is confirmation that the woman is indeed basket case mental.
    It’s getting so much more interesting now that the German far-left, democratic socialists Delinka Party are calling for an immediate end to the open borders policy and an anti-immigration policy to be put into immediate effect. They maintain that open borders was never a left-wing policy in the first place because the money spent on asylum seekers cannot be spent of the German poor. That said, we all know that open borders policy is very much leftist policy. However, even those when faced with the harsh reality of such stupidity have to revise their own thinking. Just last June all the top European social democrats met for a meeting in Amsterdam hosted by Mette Frederiksen, President of the Danish Social Democrats party. The purpose was to establish the principles for a new immigration policy pan European and they decided that all immigration regardless must from now on be applied for from outside of Europe. This is exactly what the right of centre parties have been demanding for years. They of course were slandered as being “Fascists” for its mere suggestion. Now that’s it’s a Left-wing official policy it remains to be seen whether that particular strain of slander will continue. The Left never seem to learn how to be pro-active and always wait until the last minute and the situation becomes perilous. But at least they now plan to do something. But still, the biggest stumbling block for Europe is the insane Merkel, who hates Germany and hates European culture and has never forgiven anyone for wasting her formative years growing up in an East German backwater. Her two chips on her shoulders are a bedevilment for Germany.

  4. Oh dear, you cognitive dissonance is playing your hand for you. You can no longer take in the facts as they are just too awful for you to digest. Oh well.
    Here’s what Tom Watson MP, Labour Deputy Leader had to say about Frank Field’s deprture, quote: btw, this was just yesterday:
    “This is a serious loss to the party…it reflects both deep divisions and the sense of drift engulfing us. It is a major wake-up call.”
    That statement – serious loss – deep divisions – drift engulfing – major wake-up call.
    That’s some state of affairs going on there. What a bloody shambles.

    So in one day you’ve got the party whip and the party deputy leader both claiming there’s very serious problems and you think you can get away with claiming it’s “the right-wing”? Are you nuts? It’s coming from their mouths, nobody else’s!
    You really do have one of the most serious cases of cognitive dissonance I’ve come across in a very long time.

    Field says he would like to take the Labour whip again. Corbyn thanked him for his services and leadership believes that he’s welcome to try.
    However, it’s the nasty bastard Corbyn supporters that are saying “good riddance, throw him out”. Yet decent people, proper party people like Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool, Riverside are very sad indeed to see him go. But she’s not part of all these bully-boy thug bastards that sit deep far left in the party stirring up hatred.

    Field has come out against Corbyn, calling him a force for anti-Semitism. Yet Corbyn seems utterly incapable of doing something about it. He’s weak. He’s paid for. He’s been bought. He’s a liar. He’s everything we do not need in British politics. The sooner he pops off to live in Palestine, the better. The better for you, me, Labour and UK.

    1. Oh Dear – wrong again. You simply do not understand the game going on. Tom Watson wants to oust Jeremy. He’d say anything.
      Corbyn is neither a racist or an anti-Semite. Shame the same can’t be said for the racist Farage.
      We don’t want watered down Tories in the Labour Party. We had enough of that with Blair.

      1. So…. You say I don’t understand! If that’s the case there’s really no need to worry then. Because what does it matter a bit when the party Whip resigns not just his post but his complete party allegiance! What does it matter when the party Deputy Leader agrees with him that there are severe problems widespread within the party, and makes public statements to confirm the Whips statements. And you call it a game, that the party Deputy Leader would say anything? So who else and how many other leading party members are going along with this? Is it as much as the two-thirds that we’ve been told these last few years, is that figure true and Corbyn only has a third of the party support? And you think that qualifies for leadership? A known active supporter of some od the worst terrorist organisations and fit for leadership? An political duffer who hasn’t got 10% of the intellect of Farage? Or 10% of the public support of Farage? I think you’re in for a mighty hard fall there. Brace yourself.
        I understand all right! Ha ha. It really could not get any worse.
        Here’s you – now using the “Jeremey” name, really? how bloody sad, and sick even. You’re a complete sheep. You just don’t realise the extetent of Corbyn’s anti-Semitic activities do you? You don’t know what Palestine LIVE is do you? You don’t know what Corbyn did there do you? You can’t accept that the problem lies deep and widespread all over the party can you? The whole situation is a disaster yet there you are saying oh no it’s not, yet every news flash, news station, newspaper is saying the complete opposite. Every political commentator is debating 24/7 on just how dreadful a problem it is. But there’s Opher, out there on a limb and a wing and a prayer, that single voice, not believing everything that everybody is telling him. Yes indeed, a serious case of realisation he has been tending the wrong grave.
        It really couldn’t get any worse could it?

      2. James – I know far more than a silly little populist fascist like you. You’ve swallowed the whole kit haven’t you? Fear-driven, xenophobic racism. You are a gullible fool. You haven’t a clue what Corbyn’s been doing and you support a twat like Farage – the most mean-minded xenophobe on the planet! Sucker!

      3. Opher, you don’t seemingly, at least, not very much. You can’t offer any quotes from anybody. No names except…”Jeremy”. OK?
        You’ve nothing at all to say about Palestine LIVE.
        And all you can do is hand out the usual recommended as per the manual of defense with a leftist tirade of ism’s accusations, words like Fascist -without realising the extent of Fascism within the Labour Party itself. I could plot your points.

        Why don’t you instead of talking a load of fucking shite as usual, go and find yourself some files on Palestine LIVE and see for yourself with your own eyes exactly the sort of language Corbyn was using in his communications with these people and his other cronies within the Labour Party who were also associated.
        It was Labour PR Central whom had advised Corbyn upon his approach to leadership that he must stop his activities on this media platform immediately. He took that advise and did stop.
        And you have the damned cheek to say to me that I don’t know? That I don’t fucking know? That I am a gullible fool?
        Don’t make me fucking laugh.
        Look at the quality of your information here. You have fuck all.
        You know fuck all. You are indeed a complete reflection of the whole sorry state of these people, clutching at straws as they drown in their own self-made swamp of shite and deceit. Petty little criminal class arseholes, all of them.
        You jumped up little toilet-boy. Seriously, could it get any grubbier?

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