Hitler has only got one ball!

I was born in 1949 as part of that post-war baby boom as the troops came home from the Second World War and married or met up with their wives. As such, we grew up in the spectre of that war. There were bomb-sites, prefabs, war comics of daring-do, and games of heroic re-enactments of conflicts between Germans and Japanese in which we kids, lacking real toys (in the midst of rationing), used sticks as guns and stormed enemy defences with valiant bravery and the rat-a-tats of gun-fire, throwing ourselves down in theatrical death-throes as we were riddled with imaginary bullets.

We also sang those songs that the troops had sung, ridiculing the enemy. We were very buoyed up by the naughtiness and rudeness of the songs and took great glee on singing them at the top of our voices at every opportunity. Those songs included Parlez Vous (a song from the First World War) and the taunting of Hitler and his fellow Nazis and Fascists.

Hitler has only got one ball,

Mussolini’s got two but very small

Himmler is very similar

And Goebbels has no balls at all

It seems there was some truth to this. Medical notes on Hitler show that his right testicle had not descended. Hitler did indeed only have one ball.

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