Is there a God? Some thoughts and questions.

Is there a god who created the universe? Perhaps one who created the big bang and then left it to get on with things? Or one who created the universe and life and is involved with how it develops?

Now that is the nub of the matter. Put aside all the religious books that were so obviously (to me) written by man and one still has the major questions about creation. How did the universe come out of nothing? That is something that is beyond our comprehension (not surprising really with our tiny brains and limited intelligence). Did god create it? Is there a god?

For me it is obvious – there is not.

For me the very idea of a creator is such a human concept and merely kicks the can further down the road. It creates more unknowns than it answers:

We humans cannot conceive of something coming from nothing.

We solve this by having a superbeing who is capable of creating everything from nothing.

What does that solve? Nothing as far as I can see!

How logical is it? Not logical at all to me!

Is there any evidence for this superbeing? None whatsoever in my view.

We still have a universe created out of nothing.

We now have a superbeing who has come from nowhere with the ability to create whole universes. How much more incredible is that than what we had in the first place? It just poses a whole series of other questions:

Where did this superbeing come from?

Who created him?

Did he arise out of nothing spontaneously?

He has to be even more incredible than the universe doesn’t he? How can that happen? – – The spontaneous creation of a amazingly complicated god with stupendous powers out of nothing?

Or has he always been there forever? Just think about that for a moment and see if that makes sense.

What was his motive in creating the universe?

Where was he before the universe was created?

It certainly doesn’t make any sense to me. It sounds like a human construct to explain the unknowable, nothing more.

What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Is there a God? Some thoughts and questions.

  1. I personally feel no discomfort with the universe created out of nothing. We know of sub-atomic particles that are created out of nothing. The concept isn’t all that alien to us.

      1. Let’s work a little harder on that sub-atomic particles theory – does it do money?

  2. I keep thinking back to when my daughter almost died because she stopped breathing. She already started the dying process, it was expected there would be extensive brain damage and organ damage. There was no damage anywhere to be found in her body! How is that possible? I am a Christian. I believe if there is a God powerful enough to create the world out of nothing then, there is a God powerful enough to keep his words written down by man intact. Those are just my thoughts and experiences. There was no other explanation as to why my baby girl is perfectly healthy ❤️

    1. Blooms: You didn’t say for how long breathing had stopped as that makes all the difference.
      If it was only a few minutes there was still oxygen in her blood supply.

      1. Right. That was the impression I got. I think you were very lucky not to have had some cerebral palsy with her. But babies are very resilient and their blood has a high level of haemoglobin to hold oxygen. It sounds to me as if she just had enough to get her through. What a traumatic event. I can only imagine the distress. But you all came through it?

    2. Thanks Blooms. I can see how that could be moving. It doesn’t do it for me though. I would need to know a lot more and I think there would be a medical/biological reason. But I see how you might feel otherwise.
      I do not believe god created the universe and I do not believe there is any divine intervention. But I am happy for people to believe what they like.

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