Featured Book – Sorting The Future – A Sci-Fi Novel – The Cover Notes

These were the cover notes:

This tells the story of how Opher Goodwin was selected by aliens to save the world. The visitors from afar had scoured the universe in search of life and intelligence. They found it on a planet called Earth, where, unfortunately, the dominant life form was trying it’s best to wipe itself – and everything else – out.

The aliens set about selecting a saviour and installing him as Global President. They chose the unlikely hero Opher Goodwin. Opher and his friends from the pub had all of the immense problems of the world on their shoulders plus the vicious opposition of the existing establishment. Against such odds – could they possibly succeed?

What was it that made Opher the chosen one?

If you feel tempted to read one of my Sci-Fi novels in either paperback or digital I have provided some links below:

My best Sci-fi books in the USA:


Ebola in the Garden of Eden








Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar





Sorting The Future




My best Sci-fi books in the UK:


Ebola In The Garden Of Eden.




Sorting The Future








Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar


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