What politics is really about.

Politics is not about how daft David Davies is, how arrogant and uncouth Trump is, how jittery and scared May is, how much of a buffoon Boris is, or how nutty Farage is.

Politics is about rights, freedoms, justice, fairness and the law and ethos of the land.

People died so that we all have a vote.

We have a vote so that the tyrants, despots and paranoid sociopaths who seek power can no longer tyrannise us as they have done in the past and are doing in other areas of the world.

In order for democracy to work you need the free and accurate dissemination of information through the media. You need to know what the government is doing in our name. You need to have a say. You need to have an education system that teaches you to think. You have to have religion nowhere near politics. You have to think globally. You have to prevent big business, bankers and multi-nationals controlling politicians and holding the country to ransom. You have to have politicians who have ideals and vision, passion and integrity and who cannot be bought off or controlled.

The judge of how good a system is could be whether it delivers on these things. If there is too much secrecy, fanaticism, disinformation, corruption, coercion, suppression or control then the system is fascist.

Fascism is an abomination that has been responsible for genocides all over the world from 2nd World War Germany, Rwanda to Cambodia.

Fascism comes from the Right, Left or Centre. It is when a powerful leader controls a system with black and white policies, intolerance, and oppression of minorities or opposition groups for the benefit of like-minded people. They control the media, suppress any criticism and use militaristic force to put down dissent.

Woody Guthrie had a sign on his guitar saying ‘This machine kills fascism’.

You kill fascism and fanaticism through education. Fascists are ignorant, arrogant and stupid because they do not understand the stupidity and selfish callousness of their philosophy.

PS – I wrote this a few years ago before the advent of Trump (I just updated that bit).

13 thoughts on “What politics is really about.

  1. Well said, Opher. Methinks that democracy is always under attack because the rich and powerful don’t like it. People get upset about the Russian cyber attacks on elections in various countries but no one raises an eyebrow when the powerful individuals who control mainstream news media influence the voters by the amount and type of coverage given to individual candidates and/or parties. It’s quite insidious.

      1. I think that government controlled election events and banning political ads from TV and radio. Get the cost down so that no fundraising is necessary – or allowed beyond a very low threshold.

  2. You live in the dim and distant past. Everything you have alluded to is so outdated.
    Just one look at the first line above rings many alarm bells and can only confirm that you haven’t perhaps grasped the full extent on what is actually happening. But’s that only my opinion and obviously not necessarily yours.
    Take May for example. In fact she is far from jittery and scared as you claim and her interview on Sunday after her meeting with Trump would confirm that.
    The fact that she’s surrounded by arseholes on all sides and was guaranteed a hard time upon taking on the job, it’s remarkable actually that she turns up for work at all.
    Any lesser mortal would have said “fuck you’se, I’m off”.
    I’d also take you on anytime with your claim that Farage is some kind of a nut. He’s far from it and you’d be better to give him an inch and maybe learn something.
    The media keeps making a big deal of the few Tories that have left the cabinet whilst at the same time remain absolutely silent about the 103 no less Labour MP’s that have resigned their posts under Corbyn’s tenure.

    Consider what just happened in London with the demonstration against Trump. Yet there was no such incident upon Obama’s visit despite him dropping more bombs during his last year in office in the history of the USA. Plus the fact that he deported more than 3 million from USA back to from whence they came, yet not a whisper over here about that. This entire Trump hatred is the manifest of mind control and media manipulation of extremes. There were people being “interviewed” on TV news being asked for the reasons of their attendance and most cited “misogyny” as their primary cause. Really? Did they never consider why US women police get shot and injured, have lower arrest records and hang back in dangerous situations? Following Trump’s objections do they really want to see transgender troops on the front lines?
    Did we see any demonstrations when the President of Turkey visited? No, nothing, yet he’s got several hundred thousand locked up in filthy prisons for complaining about lack of rights, or being homosexual or whatever.
    Did they come out demonstrating en masse when Bill Clinton visited, or did they conveniently forget the list of sexual accusations against him dating as far back as 1980?
    The lunatics are taking over the asylum and that demo in London was a disgusting situation. That horrid little racist mayor has a lot to answer to as well and his behaviour over that insulting Trump-nappy balloon was incredible, yet he had the cheek to complain about a balloon (much smaller of course) of him being humped by a pig. His sense of humour obviously works on a pay-per-view basis and he can’t take what he gives out. Thankfully his days in office are not far from being over.

    On a much lesser scale there’s also Mrs Clinton’s resurgence back into the public domain with her recent outing with hubby Bill, on a commercial flight, first class seats but commercial all the same. Pity that Bill was seen reading “Crimson Lake” by Candice Fox. The very fact that such an innocuous event is given prime time exposure right across the US rings alarm bells.

    Every day we are one step closer to EU article 11 and 13. George Orwell was an optimist. Tyranny and corruption are everywhere in every single facet and the deception and lies are paramount within our political system. There’s so many mainstream media TV people that have been recruited by the state to act out this fantasy and manipulate disinformation and deception including these fake programmes such as Panorama and Dispatches.

    Labour’s very own candidate Mandy Richards was dropped like a hot coal for questioning the Jo Cox situation. Anyone familiar with the extreme levels of lies carried out with that Cox fiasco will know why that was. If you know too much you get taken out and it would be dangerous to just be seen having a coffee with Richards in the canteen.

    This fascism has nothing to do with oppression of minorities, it’s now at majorities level. Even your Google search result has been decided for you by state authorised internet judges emplyed by Appen Butler Hill. They’ll fuck with your mind and you will never know. They already have or else you might never have made that opening statement and that goes some way to explain why the word “google” had now been classified as a verb and will now be found in the dictionary.
    As for the thought that fascism maybe killed off with education? Just where would one start with an answer to that statement. It’s just too naive to even know where to begin with that. Since when was education the counter point to greed? Not ever, I suggest and it never will be.
    You state that, quote, “Politics is about rights, freedoms, justice, fairness and the law and ethos of the land.”
    I hate to tell you, Opher, but not anymore. We’re long past that. That was years ago.
    Just a closer look at the atrocious state of our legal system, the heinous behaviour of the utterly corrupt Police force, the disgusting levels of target abuses by the CPS, the complete manipulative corruption of the court system when dealing with anybody espousing unpopular views or views deemed by the state to be deliberately anti-political correct. The list is endless. And you talk about voting? Are you mental?
    No Opher, the only answer is to revolt and hang these fuckers. But it’s not my fight anymore. I’m past caring myself and by the looks of things the younger generation don’t seem to have the slightest clue as to what’s actually going down as their main concern is monitoring their iPhones 200 hundred times a day for how many likes they have on their latest tweet. We’ve (the state) engineered an entire generation of retarded fuckwits who are only switched onto instant gratification and as much use to society at large as a chocolate teapot. It’s all very much too late I’m afraid, save for total revolution, but these kids haven’t grown any balls so that’s never a possibility, is it?

  3. I often wonder if I’m the “silent” voter or the “silenced” voter. I can’t tell whether my opinions are among the majority or the minority, and they never seem to jive with whatever the media is touting (on all sides of the party lines!). I don’t know if it’s politics, but I know that my beliefs, opinions, and way of life are being attacked by something out there in society.

  4. Yes, I completely agree. Politics is about everything that really matters to us. I wish there was a different word to use when talking about it. The word “politics” makes people think of elections and empty promises and back-room deals, and that turns people off when you want to discuss it. But it’s really about all the things that impact the way we live every day. Thanks for your insight.

    1. Thanks Eleanor – good to hear from you. Yes there should be a different word shouldn’t there. Somehow we need to turn people on to dealing with the issues that affect us all.

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