Rudeness and Interference the Nature of Trump’s tour.

Seemingly the only leaders Trump talks well of are Putin and Kim Jung Un.

On this tour he has so far managed to denigrate all the European leaders, throwing doubt into the future of NATO, putting the boot into Merkel, making outrageous statements about our Lord Mayor and trampling over Theresa May.

Instead of being diplomatic and responsible to the delicate situation that both the German and British governments are now in he has waded in with irresponsible interference. Is he deliberately trying to destabilise Europe and the UK? Putin couldn’t have done a better job! He’s not in the pay of Putin is he? One wonders about those videos that are supposed to exist of him with the Russian hookers. Do they exist? Is he being blackmailed and used? No – surely not!

Well the attitude towards Sadiq Khan is obvious, he is an Islamophobic racist, but to stab May in the back? What’s that about?

It is quite clear that he is treating her with disdain and intent of pushing her over the cliff. If he had his way he’d have Nigel Farage as PM. Given that he can’t get himself elected (you have to give the electorate some credit) the next best is Boris Johnson. He wants the buffoon in power.

What the hell is this arrogant, uncouth narcissist doing interfering in British, German and EU politics???

What if May had gone to the States and started saying how Hilary Clinton would make such a great President????

So Trump told May how to do it and she ignored him?? Well there’s not many times that I would find myself saying GOOD FOR HER!!

So Trump thinks Boris Johnson would make a good PM??? Well good for him!!

I think it would be a great idea for Theresa to cancel the visit, send the arrogant fool packing and tell him in no uncertain terms TO KEEP HIS NOSE OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Rudeness and Interference the Nature of Trump’s tour.

  1. Amen! But the puzzle to me is not Trump’s behavior, but why the GOP is keeping so silent about it. What does he have over every one of them??? I don’t think there’s ANY TESTOSTERONE in Washington these days. (NO cojones)

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