Divisive Trump Pokes His Nose In!! Division Is The Game!!

If belligerence, rudeness and stupidity were rewarded with medals Trump would get a VC.

He uses the same tactics he used with the American public – divide and inflame!

First he picks a fight with his Allies by knocking Europe.

Then he picks a fight with NATO.

Then he picks a fight with Merkel by accusing her of being in hock to Russia and destabilising an already febrile government.

Then he comes to Britain and has a go at destabilising May and the British Government and siding with that buffoon Johnson. Some special relationship!

We don’t need foreigners coming over here and toppling our government; we can do that ourselves thanks.

Now I personally don’t mind destabilising May and her dysfunctional bunch of lacklustre incompetents. I want her government to fold and to get a general election ASAP. But I do object to some pumped up jock coming over here doing his best to throw spanners in the works where-ever he can. He should keep his bloody nose out of other people’s business!

Where next? To cosy up to Putin?

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