Fake Memories – a poem about the truth.

Fake Memories


Fake memories

Fake fears

Fake News

Fake tears


Rousing the faithful

Feeding the lies

Inflaming the emotions

Deaf to the cries


False truth

False fed

False economy

Falsely led


Deliberately stoked

For selfish gain

Cynically oblivious

To the generated pain


Fake news feeding real crimes

Fake smiles for our times

Fake sincerity for personal gain

Fake compassion masking real pain


Real people hypnotised

Following blindly

The veiled disguise.

Ignoring all the shouts

Of the truly wise.

Led up the garden path

That’s built of where’s and why’s.


Opher 23.6.2018



How to pick your way through the exaggerations and lies that are trotted out to frighten us?

I think we are being manipulated for political reasons! Even our memories are fake!

We no longer believe experts and are instructed to ignore them. Now we believe the headlines of the tabloid press or choose to get our view of the world from dubious internet sources.

Truth is hard to find. Too many people have a vested interest in deceiving us.

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