What We Have! – A poem

What We Have!!


What we have we keep!

Holding back the tide!

Creating problems



We stand together

In this fight

Against the desperate

In their plight!


If we treat them nice

More will come for what’s on offer!

Lock them up! Beat them up!

Make them suffer!


Opher 16.6.2018



What We Have!!


It seems to me that there is an attitude of embattled defense. We feel we deserve to hold on to what we have. We are rounding up the wagons against the encircling Indians. It’s a mentality!

I think it’s time we started thinking globally and started solving the problems that are creating mass immigration:-


Gross inequality

Climate change



Economic disaster


They are all easily solved. They have been created by selfishness and greed.

Who can blame people who just want a better life?

The politicians have used the problems to further their own careers.

16 thoughts on “What We Have! – A poem

  1. It’s all part of an agenda to rid the world of some three quarters of the population and manifested by some people that we never hear about or see. We do know who some are and they’re members of the business planning for world affairs organisation a.k.a. the Bilderberg Group.

    1. Martin they are indeed a sinister shady group of the elite who run things. It is true that three quarters of the world’s population is now, due to AI and automation, surplus to requirements. What will happen to them is very dubious. It is quite possible that certain factions will want rid of them. I would hope that an intelligent programme to humanely reduce the world’s population would be the preferred option – but then I’m an idealist. I don’t think war kills nearly enough. If they are going to do it I think it’ll be a virus. I wrote about that very scenario in my Sci-fi novel Ebola In The Garden Of Eden.

      1. Opher, it’s already started. Fresh water supply is presently a major problem for some 20% of the world’s population. Food as we know isn’t too healthy an issue in Africa.
        Contamination of water and food will do a grand job.
        I don’t think Virus is one of their best options.
        Think Chemical Smart Bombs. Highly accurate and highly devastating, which are everything a virus is not.

    1. Calensariel: To which I very much agree. I absolutely abhor the concept of globalism as it’s wide open to the abuses of power on a magnitude of scale that the world so far has not seen. Why people who favour globalism can’t see this is frightening to me. Globalism IS Us and Them.

      1. Martin – I can see that but there has to be a global perspective in order to deal with the problems. We can’t remain stuck in a corner desperately hanging on to what we have while the whole world goes to pieces around us and people, like in the Bilderberg group, rip everything to pieces. We have to come together and start solving the immense problems of overpopulation, climate change, environmental destruction, human rights, inequality, poverty, war and the rest. That group are already running things. We have to find a way of dealing with them.
        If we stick in these archaic nations we will simply be a rearguard awaiting destruction.

      2. Opher, Therefore, Globalism as engineered by Bilderberg Group and George Soros & Co. perhaps isn’t the way to go.
        I think it’s that very term “globalism” that gives me the shivers, we need to come up with a new term!
        Just how they are to be removed from proceedings is a major concern and I couldn’t even guess how to lose these people, except by let’s say “unofficial” methods.

      3. Martin I agree. That sort of global control by those greedy bastards is definitely not the way to go. I can certainly see the dangers of globalisation and the way it could easily be controlled by such a greedy, selfish, power-mad group, but that is not the type of globalisation that I would want.
        I believe that it must be possible to create a democratic group that is accountable, incorruptible and able to deal with all the big international issues. There are so many things that simply cannot be dealt with by nations:
        Tax evasion
        International crime
        Environmental catastrophe
        Global warming
        Mass migration
        Gross inequality
        Human rights
        The list goes on and on and, I believe, until we have a global perspective they simply cannot be addressed adequately.
        Meanwhile the multinationals are running rings round us all, the Bilderberg group and Soros are exploiting us, Big business is destroying nature, wars rage, people live in filth and die in poverty and we are all being exploited silly.
        Yes, you are right – we need a different name for it. Can you think of one?

    2. But Cheryl we have to think globally in order to deal with pollution, overpopulation, climate change, fundamentalism, terrorism, environmental catastrophe, extinction rates, pollution, poverty, inequality, human rights and the rest.
      It is how to do this without giving power to that obnoxious elite who selfishly and greedily run things for their own benefit.

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