Beware the Shallow Men – a poem

Beware the Shallow Men


Beware the shallow men

Who life is full of nothing.

Within a world of wonder

They cavort with mere distraction.


Oblivious to all around

They reduce it all to trash.

Everything they touch mundane

And all the world diversion.


Beware all those with empty lives

Who do not see the splendour.

For whom a grain of wondrous sand

Is an annoying piece of dirt.


Beware the ones whose lives

Are based upon base profit.

Who fear and rip at everything

Oblivious to the destruction.


Beware the ones who count life cheap

But count themselves superior.

Who vandalise the forests

And steal the homes from others.


Beware the ones who cannot see

The wonder all around.

Who plunder and destroy

And so make themselves the poorer.


Beware the ones with cruel eyes

Who delight in causing pain.

They gain pleasure from suffering

And live to make things worse.


So beware the shallow ones

Whose lives are empty vessels.

For they will simply blind you

To the wonders all around.


Opher 25.6.2018



Beware the Shallow Men


It seems to me that the world is full of shallow, thoughtless people who either do not see the destruction they wreak or do not care. Some enjoy inflicting pain, misery and despair on others. Why do we keep electing them?

2 thoughts on “Beware the Shallow Men – a poem

  1. Indeed. I never could understand why people voted for Tony Blair’s Labour for the 2nd and 3rd times. Considering they could see the damage being done in vivid technicolour on TV every night for years, how can so many people be so stupid?

    1. A lot of things elude you Andrew.
      Perhaps it was the hugely successful economy? Or the great public service funding? Or the regeneration of inner cities?
      But go on stupidly supporting a bunch of establishment Tories who are screwing everyone with their austerity for the poor and give-aways to the rich. They are running the country into the ground while guiding us on to the rocks. And you talk about peoples’ stupidity.

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