The Tories tear themselves apart, Labour tears itself apart, The UK tears itself apart.

The Tories are ripping themselves apart with their different views on Brexit.

The Labour Party is tearing itself in half over Brexit.

The UK is being torn apart over Brexit.

Europe is being torn apart over Brexit.

Guy Verhofstadt claims Brexiteers are fifth columnists for Russia, cheerleaders for Putin. As Europe becomes fragmented and weaker it is Russia that benefits. He accuses Arron Banks and Nigel Farage of colluding with Russia.

Aaron Banks takes the piss with MPs as more details of his contact with Russian officials comes to light.

Meanwhile the pound’s devaluation is costing us all money and the economy trawls the depths  – presently down third from bottom and forecast to be the lowest in Europe.

Hate crime has increased.

Immigration remains the same but we have blocks on skilled workers desperately needed.

Key European workers have left causing major problems in many industries.

The Brexit vote has already cost the country countless billions through the fall in the pound and the devastation of our economy.

Scotland is looking for another referendum and Northern Ireland will soon be following suit.

Is this what the country voted for?

What a mess!! The worst is yet to come!!

13 thoughts on “The Tories tear themselves apart, Labour tears itself apart, The UK tears itself apart.

  1. Hate Crime has not increased well not until its been advocated by Labour – take a look around and listen and read, its the White people who are being targeted, what do you call Grooming muslim Rape Gangs, they target the majority ONLY WHITE Women and little Girls. There is NO Freedom of Speech, idiotic lefties demand that “this be made a Hate Crime, that be made a Hate Crime” until everything is a Hate Crime. Take a look at your own Macdonald, Corbyn’s dangerous sidekick, speaking to his Momentum lot he has advised them to “kick the s**t out of those that oppose us” thats lovely. Now tell me does that mean Labour are encouraging Violence, Hate – yes of course they are. As for BREXIT, it happened it was voted in and all of those that voted for BREXIT did so Legally and it shall remain. Otherwise those of us that voted for BREXIT can demand every General Election that “we don’t like who won so demand another vote” , ludicrous of course and that’s what you lot who are refusing to accept BREXIT are. You are making up all these problems you can, it won’t work.

    1. Ha Ha Anna – we do have another vote regularly. That’s how we change our mind and put in different parties!
      There’s a difference between rape and hate crime. A rise of 29% since Brexit –
      Your tone says it all. It is so belligerent.
      You used to vote Labour and we are scum lefties. You have become so right-wing. What on earth has happened to you to create such hatred.

  2. Some of these claims are not accurate.
    Considering the parliamentary activity on Thursday, suggests the gun was jumped with such claims about the Tories.
    With Labour, it really doesn’t matter as the party is heavily fractured as it stands anyway. If the twenty five Remain demonstrators as filmed by the BBC are any indication it’s highly unlikely of UK being torn apart. The process dictates and the vast majority allow due course to take place.

    Guy Verhofstadt is the EU Parliament representative for Brexit negotiations and Juncker’s propaganda minister. He’s a loose canon nutter of horrendous character and good reason for leaving the EU. It is known that he held investments in companies that took over Greek public services. What does that tell you about him? Is he the sort of person that should be trusted? His claims that Brexiteers support Russia are stupid. Anybody that believes a word he says is very easily lead and gullible.

    Hate crime has increased because they changed the laws. Now it’s illegal to provoke with the spoken word and this recent addition to illegal activities has pushed the statistics up. The police have also been told to make all reports a priority.
    Some employers have been accused of “hate crime” for not employing coloured people who have served time in prison. It’s not a perfect science and far too much is being made of it.
    Immigration is reducing all the time, every month. Deportations are really on the increase.
    Changes were made to the rules on critical jobs and they will be exempt from general immigration controls.
    That statement on Scotland is untrue. There won’t be any another referendum.
    It’s nowhere near any mess as Parliament has cleared the path for decisive process.

    It would serve better purpose if the post blurb was more accurate.

    1. Merrick – the post is accurate. I stand by every word of it. Both parties are split and at war over Brexit. The UK is in danger of breaking up. There has been collusion with Banks and the Brexiteers and Russia. Hate crime has risen 29%. The level of immigration remains steady. Scotland is looking for another referendum – before Autumn they suggest – and Northern Ireland is moving towards uniting. The pound has dived and the economy has become much weaker as a result of the decision and that is costing us all a lot of money.
      Now I do not mind discussing the reasons behind these things and the myriad of possible outcomes but that is the state of play.

      1. Go back to the drawing board and review wherever you are gleaning this information from. A lot of it is out of date. Your post is not accurate and has completely incorrect and unfounded conjecture. Conjecture does not make for facts and it’s really not something that you could stand by with.
        For a start, consider what happened in Parliament on Thursday. Your expression “at war” is hysterically overblown out of all proportion. So what there are some Remainer objectors. Too bad for them and the entire process has swamped them off to the sidelines with no one listening are caring what they think. The process is now in full momentum with nothing to stop it.
        It was explained to you why these hate crime stats have risen because they changed the rules. Surely you can understand that?
        There won’t be any referendum in Scotland, this year, next year or the next. Period.
        I have no idea where you heard such nonsense. Everybody in Scotland except some SNP jerks understands the stupidity of leaving UK and remaining in EU, where they’d have even less control than they have today. Insanity and it won’t happen.
        I don’t think you are aware but the pound has been considerably weaker and perhaps if you exchanged foreign currency on a regular basis as I do then you’d realise this.
        The pound was in fact weaker against the dollar and euro around 2011-2012.

      2. Pathetic.
        Out of date – rubbish. I’m talking about this very week. There is no conjecture just facts.
        I look at the stats. As soon as the SNP think they can win a referendum they will go for it and the mood is swinging. Your assessment is out of date. The scots voted remain and are totally pissed with the way the hard right are driving Brexit. We’ll see if they are pissed enough to vote out of the UK. They know which side their bread is buttered. They get no favours from Westminster but plenty of subsidies from Europe. The way they have been pushed to the side and treated shoddily is causing real anger. May is a fool.
        The margin for uniting Ireland is moving as well. They voted remain and feel totally sidelined and shat upon. It is a very silly game that is being played.
        Now the chances are that neither of these will come to fruition but it is becoming ever more likely.
        Your stupid comments on the pound are not worth commenting on. It dived substantially following the referendum – directly as a result. You’re clutching at straws. It is costing us dear.
        Likewise the economy is dire – due to the referendum and all the indecision and stupidity as May puts her party ahead of the country and desperately tries to hang on to power – even resorting to the loathsome DUP to prop her up.
        Both parties are split6 over Brexit.
        I think you are either in denial or looking through rose-tinted glasses. Nothing I said is out of date or untrue.

      3. You really couldn’t get further from the reality.
        You must have missed every single detail of all the activities in Parliament on Thursday and it’s pathetic that you did miss all that yet see fit to invent your own interpretation. I do think that’s most amusing.
        May ended up in an even stronger position than she had been in before Thursday.
        I suggest you catch up on the news and learn about what happened.

        I see that you have no further comments to make about that headcase Guy Verhofstadt.
        I see that you have no further comments to make about hate crime statistics.
        What I didn’t mention was that these increases in reports also include reports of incidents by people walking past mosques and have been orfered by vigilante Muslim gangs to immediately leave the area because they are not Muslims. Certainly by no means are these hate crime stats simply one-sided with indigenous British people giving grief to foreigners. It works both ways.

        About the SNP – everything you have said is your own made-up conjecture and you really don’t have a clue as to what you think you are talking about. Were you to actually live in Scotland and you heard what you have stated, you’d probably find that you’d be laughed at a lot. You are completely wrong as the general consensus of opinion is that we have had the two referendums and that’s it, no more. We live by the results. As a matter of fact, Scotland does not receive any direct subsidies from the EU as everything comes from the UK. There is absolutely no “real anger” whatsoever and I’d go as far as to say that you’re talking out of your backside on that. Were Sturgeon to persist – and she has completely backed off for the last six months – she is in danger of losing even more support and making further losses which further strengthens the Conservatives. You must have missed the last round of local election results where Conservatives gained some 13 seats from SNP. The public are sick to death of Sturgeon and she now knows it. Maybe in another five years or so but certainly not before.

        You must be nuts if you think Ireland could ever be united with 80% Protestants living in Ulster. They wouldn’t touch that Catholic Eire for anything. Just how you reached that assumption is astonishingly naive.

        You obviously know nothing about the history of the pound’s fluctuations these last ten years. I suggest you do something about that. If you knew a bit more about rates of inflation and why the Bank of England is holding the pound low then that would answer some further questions for you.

        May really doesn’t need the DUP, because of what Corbyn did about ten days ago and stepped into the arena offering all his and parties support for the Brexit negotiations.
        Corbyn, of course, always was for Brexit anyway. Even he understands that now is not the time to be dicking around moaning and complaining as that’s all too late and the ship has well and truly left the dock.
        I can only suggest that you read into the government’s business development reports and see the incoming results for new business from non-EU territories.

        To be perfectly honest with you, almost everything you have said is out of date and is untrue.

      1. Opher, that’s not a very accurate statement.
        Firstly, I hold you to account for your belief that the western world is any kind of centre point for the other three-quarters of the world and their strongly held belief in nationalism. There’s exists no evidence to so much as suggest that your naive idea could ever be a reality. For example, you might like to know of the viewing figures in some countries for the World Cup.
        Even little Iceland shut down all government operations including post offices and a reported 99.5% of the nation watched their football team. Nationalism is very much alive and well.
        I don’t think you fully appreciate that this “hippy” thinking died off some decades ago.

        Secondly, why use such a misogynistic example? The myth of Pandora’s Box had nothing at all to do with any “racism”. You have completely misused and misappropriated that metaphor.

        You need to do a complete about turn on this post as whatever situation you had wrongly thought existed very plainly does not.
        Another factor for the increase of hate crime of which I very much doubt you gave any consideration to was that rape crime in London has risen 20% over the last year.
        Some 7,613 reported rapes in the year to January 2018, compared to 6,392 over the previous 12 months, according to figures collated by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), as published, so you can check them for yourself.
        London has been turned into a third world shit hole in the name of cultural diversity.

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