Women’s rights – A list of countries showing when they allowed women to vote.


It is quite sobering to look at the year when women were allowed the vote.

Here is a list. It’s a bit crude because there are instances where aboriginals were still denied voting rights.

It is quite shocking to see countries such as Switzerland not allowing females to vote until 1971!!

To think that some countries only gave women the right to vote in the last couple of decades!!

There is much that needs doing in order to gain equality throughout the world.

Well done New Zealand!! Shame upon so many countries!!

  • 1893 New Zealand
  • 1902 Australia1
  • 1906 Finland
  • 1913 Norway
  • 1915 Denmark
  • 1917 Canada2
  • 1918 Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia
  • 1919 Netherlands
  • 1920 United States
  • 1921 Sweden
  • 1928 Britain, Ireland
  • 1930 South Africa3
  • 1931 Spain
  • 1934 Turkey
  • 1944 France
  • 1945 Italy
  • 1947 Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan
  • 1949 China
  • 1950 India
  • 1954 Colombia
  • 1957 Malaysia, Zimbabwe
  • 1962 Algeria
  • 1963 Iran, Morocco
  • 1964 Libya
  • 1967 Ecuador
  • 1971 Switzerland
  • 1972 Bangladesh
  • 1974 Jordan
  • 1976 Portugal
  • 1989 Namibia
  • 1990 Western Samoa
  • 1993 Kazakhstan, Moldova
  • 2005 Kuwait
  • 2006 United Arab Emirate
  • 2011 Saudi Arabia

9 thoughts on “Women’s rights – A list of countries showing when they allowed women to vote.

    1. There are a lot of countries missing, not just Muslim ones – though you can see from what is included that the Muslim countries are lagging far behind. That’s not surprising as they have a largely misogynistic culture in my opinion.

      1. It’s not an opinion – it’s a fact.
        Did you hear what happened in Australia recently at a public Muslim meeting?
        Their Muslim leaders got a slap on the wrist for unconstitutional behavior by only permitting women to sit at the back of the room. From now on women may sit where they so choose (provided they get there quick enough and told the correct times etc).

        They really are a backward bunch of savages and quite why they command any respect from any quarter is lamentable.

      2. Their misogyny appalls me and I remain amazed by the willingness of the majority of their women to go along with it. They should throw off their burqas and sit on the front row demanding equality.

      3. Lot of empty desert in Australia. Lot of space for digging holes. Lot of small rocks lying around…

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