Women’s rights! There’s a battle to be fought!


Women’s Rights


How long does it take to gain real equality?

Women have been treated badly in many cultures throughout the world and still are. In all Abrahamic religions women are treated as second-class citizens. In the UK they weren’t allowed to own property until 1870! Women were seen as the property of men. They had no rights.

Looking around the world one can see many instances of misogyny and repression of women. They are sometimes not allowed out of the home without a man. They are forced to wear burqas and hijabs. They are not allowed to drive. They are not allowed to work or own anything. They are segregated from men. Some are not able to access contraception or use it.

Equality looks a long way off.

In the UK the suffragettes started up in 1867 to fight for the right to vote. It wasn’t until they became violent that they finally achieved the vote in 1928. It wasn’t until 1956 that women teachers and civil servants gained equal pay with men. In 1968 women had to go on strike in the Ford Car factory in Dagenham to gain equal pay.

As late as 1970 women had to have a male guarantor in order to get a mortgage.

There is such a lot to fight for. Even in the West we are far from a situation of equality. That will only occur when half of parliament, business managers and those in top jobs are female.

In 2018 the DUP are stopping women of Northern Ireland from having the right to abortions.

No matter what legislation is brought in until we sort out a proper system of child care I do not think women will ever achieve true equality.

Until we have universal human rights and women are afforded equality in all areas there is a battle. It is a battle worth fighting!

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