Fabulous Nick Harper Gig at Kardomah94 – Photos and review

Nick had this crazy idea that he would do a tour of requests! Having just been out with the band he thought he’d do a solo tour and play any song requested. As he has, in his 24 year career, written a 100 songs and played a substantial number of covers this was quite an undertaking. Some of those songs had only been played live a couple of times and some he hadn’t played for a couple of decades; so there was a lot of learning and relearning.

All people had to do was email in their request and Nick would play it. True to form they seized the opportunity to requests old favourites they hadn’t heard for yonks and to come up with the hardest ones they could think of – and some of Nick’s songs are pretty complicated and difficult.

Undaunted, Nick took on the task and has been playing to sell-out venues across the country. Hull was no exception.

The Kardomah94 is a brilliant venue – just suited to the delights of Harpic. Rich and Lou are consummate promotors and had it all sorted. Despite the lousy blizzards outside the place was packed, warm and buzzing. The great crowd were treated to an in-form Harper giving them a great does of surround sound, a plethora of fiery guitar and some spectacular vocal acrobatics.

We were regaled with songs dating back to his first and second albums, a couple from the last album with the Wilderness Kids, a song that has only ever been wheeled out twice, some great favourites and two brilliant definitive covers in Prince’s Purple Rain and Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

It was different to a normal Nick Harper concert. While it lacked the usual continuity of a normal gig it was an opportunity to hear Nick in top form delivering some of his best work. It was brilliant. What a guitarist!! What a singer!! What a songwriter!! What a performer!!  The only thing that was missing was a broken string!

A brilliant night out! Thanks to Rich and Lou for sorting it and Kardomah94 for being a special place!

Rock on Nick! You’re a genius!!

Here’s a few photos:

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