Sex is the Answer to all our problems!!

Where-ever humans have gone we have interbred. We have even shared our genes with Neanderthals and would have done with sheep, chickens and horses if it was possible. We have never met up with a group of other humans that we haven’t had sex with. That seems to be human nature.

In  that respect we are a bit like bonobos – our closest relatives. They use sex as a means of interacting, for social discourse, and to relieve anxiety and tension.

Human beings like to explore, disperse, discover, trade and have sex.

Now we have transport that gives us access to the whole world we are busy having sex with people from all different cultures and races.

If we survive long enough we will have uniformly dispersed and interacted so that all racial boundaries are blurred. Given enough time racism and nations will be obsolete. We will all be one people.

Sex is the biggest weapon in our armoury. It brings us together in a way that laws could not manage. Sex brought down apartheid. When you start having to try to split up a single family into different races you know you’re on a loser. In the future there will be one human culture with a multitude of historical threads.

For those of you desperate to hang on to the purity of your culture I’ve got news for you – you’re on a loser! You can’t hold back the tide. Biology will always win. Your sons and daughters will marry people from other races. Sex always wins.

The future is varied!

Sex will ultimately solve all our problems and enable us to think globally. Long live sex!!

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