Amnesty International – The Suffragette Map of Britain

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Our new map of women activists.

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Chris – it’s been 100 years since women won the right to vote in the UK.*

To celebrate this crucial milestone we’ve scoured the country for women who are keeping the Suffragette Spirit alive by fighting for our rights today.

We’ve had hundreds of nominations, and today – on International Women’s Day – we launch an interactive map presenting women human rights defenders we’ve found across the UK.

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The women on our map might have stood up to bullies, helped the homeless, aided refugees, or campaigned for better access to healthcare. They could have challenged bad business practices, supported the rights of refugees, prevented forced evictions, and much more.

Much of their work goes unnoticed. Please help them get the recognition they deserve by sharing the map on your social channels.

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Sara Rydkvist
Priority Campaign Manager
Amnesty International UK

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