The Pleasure of an Album – a poem.

The Pleasure of an Album


The excitement of anticipation as the heart rate speeds,

The eyes narrow at the eagerness of anticipation.

Sifting through the racks with narrowed eyes;

Lifting a discovery for closer inspection of the cover,

Flipping to check the track listing;

Gathering a selection with contained fervor;

An assortment of possibility from which to choose.

Then the angst of decision –

Followed by the despondency of loss

As the discarded are replaced with many a reflective vacillation.

Clutching the winner there is now impatience pervading the purchase,

As the money is paid and the album professionally wrapped within its paper wrapper and sealed with sellotape.

The return home is hurried and filled with nervous indecision.

Was the choice correct? What about the other fish?

Within the sanctum the treasure is unwrapped and the prize clutched and reexamined.

It is time to perform the ritual and extract the paper sleeve from within its cardboard resting place.

The black vinyl disc is extracted from the inner sleeve,

Held reverently, by its rim with two hands, up to the light to inspect the sanctity of the grooves, and approved.

When satisfied the disc is lowered so that peg and hole are aligned in erotic summary preparing for consummation.

The arm is raised with delicate concentration and deferentially lowered to apply needle to the outer blank vinyl, so carefully.

Breath is released as the success – a click followed by a satisfying hiss.

Then to sit back as the faint noise wends into the sound

And as it fills the room to immerse oneself in its thrall;

To study the artwork,

To flip the cover and read the track listing, then the liner notes.

To lose oneself, to submerge, to examine, to breathe in, to absorb the full package of art, information and sound as it embraces you in its multisensory, concentrated reverie.

For this is the pleasure of an album.


Opher 8.3.2018

15 thoughts on “The Pleasure of an Album – a poem.

    1. Pooj – there was a reverential magic and excitement about buying an album and going through the ritual of playing it. It helped focus the mind to create a more submersive experience. I think music appreciation has become more shallow since we went to other forms.

  1. Ahh… you describe the pleasure beautifully. I will be playing my albums for children soon, as music helps to inspire art. We’re gearing up for our annual art show. Thank you for the beautiful poem.

  2. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

    That’s one hell of an album dude! 🙂 Your words are bursting with excitement: music must be the mistress who keeps you young 😀

    I remember record shops and purchasing vinyl: you’ve delineated the experience perfectly. I even recall buying a record or two because it had an excellent cover: the music was supplementary in as much that I knew the band but not their music. I think one of those buys may have been the soundtrack for the movie The Black Hole. Crazy:)

    Hoping all’s well in the chilly North and you looking forward to a fruitful week ahead. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂


    1. Music certainly is that mistress. I bought many an album on the basis of the cover.
      All’s well here. I trust all is well on your many battlefields too?

      1. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

        Do you have any regretted purchases where albums were bought on the strength of the cover alone?

        Life shouldn’t have to be a battlefield, but it seems to always be that way for me. Next life around I’ll do things very differently.

        Enjoy the week.

        Namaste 🙂


      2. You know Dewin – I don’t think I have. The covers seem to have something special about them!
        Life could be worse Dewin. We could be picking garbage off rubbish dumps and wading in sewage. Life is a battlefield because there are so many bastards out there. We need to sort them out!

      3. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

        Come the glorious day of judgement, nay retribution, I have a list already prepared of who is going up against the wall. With any luck someone else will have got there long before and sorted them out. 🙂

        Life is a battlefield because human nature is fundamentally flawed, that’s why we get to live out our life on earth and not elsewhere in another glorious dimension with equality, fraternity and freedoms for all. Regrettably, someone once scrapped Eden in favour of money.

        Namaste 🙂


      4. Money certainly rules – greed and selfishness are the reigning attributes. We just have to fight and speak the truth until the tide turns Dewin. Chin up. Without adversity there is nothing to struggle for!

      5. That’s a great last line 🙂

        I don’t understand why human psychological evolution has to take so long to gestate before it gives rise to a new shared world view?

        Perhaps only global annihilation will suffice – chance for the Earth to flood again, wipe the slate clean so that we can rebuild the human species. It must be about time for another polar shift or comet strike or other apocalyptic event to unfold like Hapgood’s Theory or something? I’m in the mood for wipe-out of all human-kind.

        I had a shit day, can you tell 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


      6. A virus will likely do it Dewin. I often feel that way when I see what we are doing to the planet and the crass way our leaders create our future. I also feel like that when I see the crap attitudes of most humans. We deserve the leaders we get.
        I don’t know. Where are we going?
        Tomorrow’s a new day!!

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