Heading For A Concrete Jungle And The Extermination Of Nature.

Since the industrial revolution we have been able to have a massive effect on the natural environment. We have drained swamps, levelled mountains, damned rivers, created artificial lakes, cut down forests and created huge agricultural development on all available fertile land. We have put millions of acres of land under road tarmac, city concrete and railroad track.

What was once natural habitat for plants and animals is now buried under concrete.

As the towns and cities spread, as the roads and shops connect we are creating one great shopping mall

As the roads intrude into the wilderness and the logging and mining companies move in the natural habitats are being systematically destroyed.

As our numbers spiral towards 8 Billion we are encroaching more and more into the natural habitat.

As our consumerism runs out of control we are converting natural habitat into palm oil plantation, coffee plantations, tea plantations, vineyards and all manner of other commodities.

Our waste products are dumped in landfill and washed into the sea. The air is full of pollutants.

If this continues we will create a concrete jungle. The natural world will have been changed forever.

Is this what we want?

4 thoughts on “Heading For A Concrete Jungle And The Extermination Of Nature.

  1. So many people have no clue what nature even is, nor care. What will it take to change people’s minds? Until it’s gone, only the nature lovers will remember and grieve – if any of us are left at all. It’s all about greed and technology. People see virtual nature on the cell phone. Why go out into the real thing. Of course we know why, but why would they?

    1. When I was a boy I grew up with nature, kept pets, collected animals and cared for them. I had an empathy for wild things. We developed positive relationships. I could see that they were beautiful and had feelings. People have lost that connection to animals. They no longer care. I do not know what we can do about it. I despair.

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