Ruminating on Roy Harper – the Book – Photos for the cover.

Right – now I’ve almost completed the final edit I am beginning to turn my attention to the cover. Here’s a few photos that I’ve taken over the years. Which one do you think might be a starter – or none of them?

 This one would be great if Roy wasn’t a little blurry.


The ones of Roy and Tracy are nice. I’m not sure if they are appropriate. 

These ones are quite good.

There is something about this one that I like.

Or maybe none of them are appropriate.

18 thoughts on “Ruminating on Roy Harper – the Book – Photos for the cover.

  1. I am not sure I have the proper criteria to be able to pick one of those photos. lol. Is the book a biography or novel what is it?

    And other than that I would say the first one and then the one that looks like wild Bill Hickok without a hat

  2. Roy with wife – no, definitely not. Terrible photos anyway.
    Roy in the 90’s – not a great period really.
    Last photo of Roy’s hand – not much use really, could be anybody.
    1st pic – makes Roy look tall as somebody else is shorter than him. I didn’t think that would be possible as Roy’s a tiny wee man. Terrible choice of clothes being worn by both, your shirt, Roy’s pullover.
    Back to the drawing board.

      1. I honestly burst out laughing on first sight and wondered what you were smoking.
        These with Roy and wife in their matching blouson jackets looking like a mail order catalogue! Seriously?

    1. C’mon – think about it – a book cover of Roy wearing almost the same as his wife?
      What’s wrong with that picture? Have you lost ALL your marbles?
      You’re havin’ a larf. Leave it, don’t go there. Enough already with this nonsense.

    1. Hi Tracy – I’m not putting any pics in! Just the cover. Which I will not use any of the ones above. Got any ideas?
      I have some nice ones of you though!
      How are you doing? Not spoken for a while.

      1. Hi there. I’m not so bad. Hope you’re both well.
        Afraid you’re on your own re cover image. Trying to get new photos of Roy at the moment is proving difficult enough!
        Would be fun to see some of those pics sometime but… please don’t post any more of me on the internet. Sorry 😬 xx

      2. That’s OK Tracy. Will do.
        Glad you’re OK. I think you saw those ones and liked them. I took them ages ago.
        We are both good and a trifle busy!! All the best.

  3. On 2nd thoughts – the 1st pic of you both – Opher & Roy, as a photo in itself is actually really good.
    Just ignore all my poking fun at attire jibes.
    Idea to try and lose the background stuff – the back of the head of the baldy guy with the hairline starting down at ear level – you don’t want any of that (and neither do I for that matter!) – just photoshop it all into blackness, easy.

    1. Thanks for that Robin. I did like that one apart from the fact that Roy is slightly out of focus. Other than that I would have tried photoshopping to get rid of that background.
      I’ll see what else I’ve got.

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