Photographs – Moorish Seville – The Alcazar – incredible intricate lovliness

From the modern of the Metropol Parasol to the old and the wonderful Islamic Architecture of the Alcazar. Great art and architecture – shame about the monotheistic fiction.

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I just adore Islamic Art and architecture with its elaborate patterns and great use of colour.

The Alcazar in Seville epitomised it for me.

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8 thoughts on “Photographs – Moorish Seville – The Alcazar – incredible intricate lovliness

  1. Hi Opher
    Not sure if you were in Seville on 31 January and the Farne Islands on 1st February?
    If so I envy your jet set lifestyle! Not been to Farne Islands but have seen Puffins in Western Isles and Flamborough.
    If you were in Seville we could have met. Our house is 60 miles from Seville and is where I’m typing from now. (Frost this morning and slightest possibility of snow next week).
    Sorry we didn’t in fact get to see you in Humberside in December. Georgina is in Manchester just now.
    I’m sure we’ll meet up sometime. Let me know next time you’re in Seville.

    1. I don’t think we were quite so fleet of foot Trevor!
      You really must get to the Farne Isles I was knocked out by them. To get so close to so many incredible birds was magnificent. The island were beautiful too. I highly recommend it.
      We loved going to Spain and would love to go back. So if we make it back soon we’d love to drop in for a cup of tea! Likewise if you get back to Humberside give us the nod and we’ll have to get together.
      I hope Georgina is enjoying the grandchild. Liz is away this week looking after two of ours. Life is hectic.

    1. I have to look into camper van hire across on the continent. We’ll see. It has to fit in with grandchildren. We’re on duty. I suspect when you come across to Humberside might be favourite.

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