The New Roy Harper Book – Ruminating on Roy Harper.

I need a little help here. I have been working on a rewrite of my Roy Harper book with a view to publishing it in the next couple of weeks. I am finally approaching the end and it is coming along really well. I’m enjoying doing it.

I should be finished in the next couple of days.

I have just turned my attention to the back cover and started jotting down some thoughts. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. Below are four rough proposals. Do any of them work? What needs doing?

Any ideas welcomed.



1967 was a momentous year for me. I was eighteen, boiling with hormones, angst, sex and rebellion. In the prefabricated world of the dedicated followers of fashion I was the rank outsider, too extreme to fit into the norms of the ‘in crowd’ with their Carnaby Street flares and neatly trimmed long hair and collections of top ten hits. With my shoulder length hair, Zen and head full of Kerouac’s crazy zest for discovery I was the acid tongued hipster more attuned to the psychedelic jungle of London backstreets, blues clubs and all night adventures than a sixth form common room.

I wanted to let rip. I was young, wild and bursting with idealistic fervour.

The world was my playground, my university, my mystical, infinite source of wonder and awe. Life was there to be burned. I had to grapple with it, wrestle it to submission and screw answers out of it.

That was the year I met and befriended Roy.


Blurb 2


This is the story of a friendship that has spanned 50 years. I first met Roy Harper in 1967 when he was first starting out. We became friends and I have been present at nearly every important landmark down the years from St Pancras Townhall, Abbey Road Studios, The Royal Albert Hall, The Rainbow, Hyde Park, the Royal Festival Hall and a hundred and fifty gigs thrown in for good measure. I’ve written books with him and travelled the country.

This is the story of that relationship. It throws light on all aspects of Roy’s life and puts it into perspective with my own. Roy’s life is one hell of a story.


Blurb 3


This is the story of a friendship that has spanned 50 years. It puts Roy’s incredible life and career alongside that of my own. From those first meeting in 1967 through to today I have described his music and life through my eyes and placed it alongside that of my own.

It’s one hell of a story.


Blurb 4


This is the story of a friendship that has spanned fifty years. It tells the tale of two lives that have connected.

It gives perspective to an incredible life, paints pictures of the times and provides personal insight.

Nobody has lived life more than Roy Harper. This book traces the highs and the lows of a colourful existence – the music, loves, tragedies and successes.

This is me looking back over my life and his and examining them in depth.

31 thoughts on “The New Roy Harper Book – Ruminating on Roy Harper.

  1. Yes, I agree with the above post – Blurb 2. Don’t exaggerate Roy Harper’s life. Many in music have had more colourful lives. Correct your grammar before publishing.

      1. I wouldn’t change anything except separate Town & Hall into two words. Otherwise I think it’s fine – succinct. The remainder others too long for a cover. The time spent reading the others would be better spent listening to “Me and my Woman”!! My reference to grammar was directed at other books you have written. I haven’t read this as yet unpublished one.

      2. You’ve only read one haven’t you? That was an early one – In Search of Captain Beefheart – and I re-edited that. I think I’ve improved at the editing since then.
        I’ll separate the Town and Hall. It’s having a bit of an edit again. Liz didn’t like the start – thought it was a bit self-indulgent.

  2. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

    Blurb 1 – the others are just not digging it dude nor reflective of the year.

    Crazy photo as a header – where do you end and the other begin, spooky 😀

    Cheers. Namaste 🙂


      1. No worries dude 🙂 Blurb 1 is just cool.

        The header – yes I liked it. It reminded me of younger days when two good friends might truant school head into town and crowd a photo-booth in Woolworths pay their money and laugh until parting for the day at the photos taken. Like a pair of naughty schoolboys lol 😀 Great stuff.

        Namaste 🙂


      2. No Dewin. You’ve been misinformed. There is a constant battle of good against evil. It never stops.
        You are on the side of good. Gather your resolve. There is much to do.

      3. If the battle between good and evil has always been (and still remains constant) then that battle commenced way before any human walked this Earth: hence what exactly is the point of anyone participating on either side? It’ll continue on regardless.

        I’m not sure I’m on anyone’s side other than my own.

        I can’t even gather enthusiasm let alone resolve. But thanks anyway.

        Namaste 🙂


      4. Dewin – the work you do is certainly worthy. You are certainly on many people’s side. I haven’t seen a hint of selfishness. Stay firm friend. Times are dark but the sun will shine.

      5. That’s very considerate of you to say so, thank you Opher.

        I Love people and will always try and help where I can to support them – many of us do much the same – but ultimately we came into this world on our own and will one day depart in much the same way. I’m responsible for me no-one else is, and that’s really what I mean about being on one’s own side. I’ll always back the underdog so to speak, that goes without saying: sometimes one feels so powerless when confronted with overwhelming odds and indifference, ignorance and naivety: and this is our absurd world as it is and has always been thus far. There comes a point where one can’t spread oneself any thinner without fading away and I think I’m getting close to that mark..

        You know, I’ve been transient in life for nigh on 31 years and have never found a place to call home. Outsider’s never do, they just sort of show up one day in a place meet and greet who they should, then invariably move on again. to another destination. I think I’m getting tired of walking and yet cannot settle until I find a home someplace. Snow Leopards are pretty solitary cats 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


      6. Well my snow leopard – it is time to replenish your batteries. You continue to light up the world. It needs your positivity. Do not despair. Your energy and compassion are a beacon.

      7. 😀 That’s very kind, thank you.

        The problem is of course that there are very few in life who never lie, cheat or deceive. For the rest of the time the rest of the World turns on an axis of lies – even when fact is proven – and fools gold. That is what is so exhausting.

        Namaste 🙂


      1. Raili – it is never easy but it does give me a bit of a picture at least of what to focus on. I’ve been totally focussed on the actual book. The liner notes are a different beast. Not my forte.

  3. Ok. First para from blurb 1, then last sentence without ‘and befriended’ then first sentence of blurb 2, plus a bit of the stuff about gigs and studios… let me know if you want me to cut and paste. xx

    1. OK Dave – that’s helpful. I’ll give it a shot.
      You know that other novel I sent through to you by mistake – Bodies I a Window – I don’t suppose you have got any time to have a look and give me a few pointers like you did with Gordian Fetish?

  4. #2 is the better.
    #1 is far more suited to be inside as a pretext opener, these pages before the book starts proper.
    #3 is poorly written as you repeat yourself twice in two short sentences.
    #4 is misleading – plenty people have lived life more than Harper.

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