Brexit – Brexit: Britons favour second referendum by 16-point margin – poll

It would appear that all across the country people are waking up to the realisation that Brexit will severely damage our economy. They want a second referendum. Those in favour, according to the Guardian, are a clear majority 16 points ahead.

6 thoughts on “Brexit – Brexit: Britons favour second referendum by 16-point margin – poll

    1. No Cheryl. That seems to be in the balance. It is just that the majority are strongly in favour of a new referendum. Whether the politicians will take any notice of them is waiting to be seen.

      1. …if one chooses to believe a newspaper, and one that supports Remain in EU.
        Could it get more biased? It’s only last gasp (grasp) clutching at imaginary straws and not worth the paper it’s printed on.

  1. Please don’t suppose anything and best stick to the better part of detail. The Telegraph very much looked like a report on the report as opposed to advocating as per the Guardian. To suggest that I may indulge in tabloids is rather impertinent. And no, I do not.

    1. It was you that cast aspersions about the Guardian. It seems to me that all the papers have an establishment bias. What is clear is that there is a change. The other polls indicate a change as well.

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