Open Britain – Brexit views

This came into my email today. It is from Open Britain – a cross party grouping that is looking towards being part of Europe. I like them. I want to be part of Europe too.

This makes for interesting reading.

I want to be part of Europe not locked up in Britain!


3 thoughts on “Open Britain – Brexit views

  1. Very well written.

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  2. Open Britain, I have just looked into them and read what they put out. Open Britain? Like Labour and its thugs, and what do you think will happen God forbid Labour ever took power MOMENTUM is in charge the bully boys the jackboot boys, Corbyn will be out and IRA Supporter MacDonnell will be in. There was a Vote the Remainers LOST thats it. There was no ructions no demanding a change all those years ago when this Country chose to enter the Common Market. If those that love Europe so much and everything they think it has, then leave this Country give up their Citizenship and go.

    1. Don’t be daft Anna – Farage and his kind were pushing to come out all the time. They never stopped. They tore Major’s government to pieces. They fragmented Thatcher’s. They never stopped.
      Before Brexit Farage said that if it was close he’d be pushing for another referendum.
      Corbyn is brilliant – the only one with good policies. Look at them Anna. They are superb. I think you’re stuck in a rut.

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