Why the Mexican Wall is a Dumbass Waste of Money!

In the USA there is mass immigration from Mexico. The country is full of illegal immigrants! There are terrorists coming into the country and threatening the way of life of Americans!

We have to keep all these people out!!

Well there is a seed of truth in these views. There are far too many immigrants and there are terrorists.

It is obvious that rich countries cannot possibly solve the world’s problems by taking in an unlimited number of people from poor countries. It simply cannot be done.

It is also obvious that there are groups of people out there who hate everything the West stands for and want to kill every one of us.

But building a wall 2000 miles long is not going to solve either of these problems. It is just a stupid knee-jerk reaction to gain a popular vote. It does not stand up to scrutiny.

a. Most illegal immigrants come into the country legally and simply outstay their visas and stay. The wall will not alter this at all. US industry, particularly agriculture, rely on cheap labour from Mexico. These transient workers come in legally and simply stay. Visitors from Mexico come in to see their families and stay. No wall is going to solve this.

b. Most terrorists are homegrown. They are already here (in the USA and UK/Europe). Most of them are born here. They are not flooding in from outside. Besides, anybody would believes that a two metre high wall will keep out a determined bunch of terrorists is living in cloud cuckoo-land. Any bunch of terrorists worth their salt would have no problem circumventing such a wall. They would be totally incompetent if they couldn’t.

The cost of building a wall could be as high as a trillion dollars. It would seem to me that there are far better ways of spending a trillion dollars to solve both mass immigration, the illegal immigrants that are already here and terrorism.

I would suggest that stopping invading other countries and killing innocent people, creating hatred and a lust for revenge, might be a good first step.

I would also suggest that working to reduce the great inequality that is fuelling the mass immigration might also be worth pursuing.

While we are busy accruing great wealth in the hands of a few while millions are starving or suffering we are going to have these problems.

Let’s try solving problems rather than creating them or making costly red herrings. The Maginot Line comes to mind.

11 thoughts on “Why the Mexican Wall is a Dumbass Waste of Money!

    1. I think you are right Larry. It’s education system is very poor. They are steeped in religious superstition and have this strange attitude towards taxes. They do not wish to invest in anything that helps ordinary people reach their potential such as education, health-care and social services, plus on top of that there is this entrenched racism. It’s no wonder it is getting dumbed down. It’s the land of haves and have nots.

    1. I think the hysteria around terrorism is out of proportion. That’s just how the terrorists like it. Their aim is create fear and cause hatred and division. Looks like they’re winning on that score.

  1. I believe Trump has never in his life worried about throwing money around, incurring debts. And they wanted a businessman. He turns everything into a farce. He will only do more harm.

  2. Good post, Opher, full of common sense. We’ve learned absolutely nothing since the War on Terrorism began in 2001 – no big surprise since we learned nothing from the War on Drugs. Violence begets violence, not peace.

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