Garden of Gethsemane – Photos

The garden of Gethsemane was not exactly a huge place. But it had some great old olive trees. I found it interesting to think back to the historical times 2000 years ago when it was probably bigger and Jesus and his followers were hanging out there. What started as a fringe sect of no real import was then made into something else. I bet Jesus would be amazed if he came back. I wonder how much of what he was preaching ended up in the bible and how much was totally misrepresented?


2 thoughts on “Garden of Gethsemane – Photos

  1. Well said, misrepresented., man’s word man’s rules not Gods, thats why I came away from the Catholic Faith amongst other reasons. Yes, I often wonder what He would think if He came back, but then I feel Him with me all the time I always have, I know you find that odd Opher but everyone is different.

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