Donald Trump’s refusal to back Third World contraception programmes yet another travesty!!

The orange ape has dealt yet another blow to the environment and mankind. He really is an imbecile who does not care about nature, poverty, the third world or human misery. He seems intent on his narrow arrogant path.

Pulling out of the Paris agreement was the act of a lunatic. It means that the USA, instead of setting an example, is leading the world in polluting and irresponsible destruction of nature. He doesn’t give a hoot about climate warming or the effects of his pollution on nature. Like all climate warming deniers and deniers of the damage we are doing to nature, he simply ascribes it to ‘fake news’.

In the Third World women are suffering the life drudgery of multiple births. Not only is this bad for their health and economic situation, it is terrible for the environment. The world population is soaring, the environment is being trashed, poverty is destroying lives. Millions of babies live in filth and neglect. The situation is dire and is fuelling war and mass migration. Women have no control over their fertility.

Instead of dealing with poverty, migration and war at its source, by enabling these women to seize control of their fertility and reduce the size of their families, Trump is gleefully walking away from the problem and consigning millions to lives of misery and more pollution and environmental destruction.

The man makes me want to puke.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s refusal to back Third World contraception programmes yet another travesty!!

  1. Move over, Opher, I’m ready to puke too. It’s unbelievable that anyone who calls himself a leader can turn his back on runaway population growth and all of its immediate consequences in the third world, and continue destructive environmental policies. He’s a poor excuse for a human being.

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