The ten best Roy Harper Tracks – a fan’s choice

Roy is the one person who has consistently recorded epic songs with great poetic lyrics and social content. Nobody else comes near. In my opinion he is the greatest songwriter Britain has produced.

Here are my choice of his ten best songs.

The Lord’s Prayer

An epic poem/song spanning the whole of human history.

Me and My Woman

Another epic tale of the struggle living in a society like this and the healing strength of a relationship.

McGoohan’s Blues

One of my favourites from the very early days when he used to rage this out with passion.

How Does It Feel?

I think I prefer this to Whiteman.

One Of Those Days in England

An epic song about England the like of which only Roy can do.

The Game

A vitriolic diatribe against society and the hypocrisy and the game we live in

Hallucinating Light

The atmosphere on this song is great.

I Hate the Whiteman

A fierce song about the terror of Western society

Another Day

A beautiful love song

When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease

A song about death.

I often like my music strong and deep. Roy hits the mark for me.

Roy Harper book out later this year!

8 thoughts on “The ten best Roy Harper Tracks – a fan’s choice

  1. Roy is definitely number one in the poet/songwriter stakes, as far as Ian concerned.
    I especially love his ‘Songs of Love and Loss compilation.
    My favourite has to be ‘Forever’, but I love them all.

    Elizabeth is not one he has performed in recent years, but another favourite of mine,along with most of the ones you cited. Also like She’s the One very much. What a talent Roy is.

    Looking forward to your book being published!

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