Fabulous Corbyn Storms Hull!!

The sun shone for Jeremy as he wowed a massive crowd crammed into Zebedee’s Yard in Hull. It was supposed to have a capacity of 3500. There was at least that and more crammed in. They roared in support.

What other politician could attract such a crowd? Nobody!

Theresa May wouldn’t even dare face the public. She’s too scared!

She won’t even join in a TV debate – she’s too scared!

And rightly so! If she showed her face to the angry people of Britain she’d be pelted. If she was to debate with Jeremy she’d be slaughtered.

They were all there – black, white, brown, Muslim, Christian and atheist, female, male, disabled, young and old. They were all unified in one thing – they wanted an end to the lies of the Tories and wanted an honest man to lead the country – some who is fair and cares about people.

The event started with a great poem written by a Hull poet. The crowd listened and cheered. The second speaker was from Scunthorpe and she was brilliant. Then it was John Prescott’s turn. He lambasted Theresa May as ‘wobbly as Jelly’ and exalted the Labour Manifesto as being the best he had ever seen! A return to real Labour roots and policy!! He laid into the Tories dismal record and U-turns – the cuts to public services and austerity while the rich got richer.

The crowd roared.

There are few who could have worked a crowd as well.

When Jeremy appeared the crowd went mad. They listened to what he said. It all made sense.


To make the bankers pay for the mess they caused by taxing them more and to use the money to improve our public services and infrastructure and reverse the mess the Tories were making of them.

The huge crowd responded. He showed all the skills of a leader – was articulate and passionate.

This guy believed in what he said and everybody there was in no doubt that he could deliver. By the time he finished speaking the crowd were roaring. If you could only bottle it.

What a brilliant, life-enhancing meeting. Everyone came away full of spirit. We have to rid ourselves of this appalling government that is taxing the poor to give huge tax cuts to the rich. We have to put in place a government that cares about ordinary people.

Jeremy is not only electable – he is the only hope! Get out there and vote!!

9 thoughts on “Fabulous Corbyn Storms Hull!!

  1. Hitler believed in what he said, too.
    Just because the guy’s been on an oratorship crash course means nothing.
    You’ve complained bitterly that you thought Brexit would chase the banks away. Looks as if Corbyn is looking to do that all by himself.
    Did nobody ask him why Hull was falling to bits under decades of deficiencies under Labour rule?

    1. I doubt that you’ve ever been to Hull Andrew. It is regenerated. It has a thriving arts, music, drama, dance scene, great poetry and literature and is up and coming. The centre has been rebuilt and remodelled after its huge destruction in the war. The reason it was deprived is mainly because it has been starved of money by a south orientated government. It lost all its industry – fishing, tanning, sewing machines, aircraft building, caravans…………. That is not the fault of local government. It’s docks were left empty and it has no direct road links – too isolated. It has gone from one of the most prosperous to one of the least because of changes not mismanagement. Britain’s third major port with international connections to nothing.
      If the region becomes the European focus for alternative energy we will be back in business though that has already been shot in the foot by the insanity of Brexit – which you support.
      It was Labour under Blair who started the regeneration. Labour. Just like in Liverpool. The Tories left the northern cities to rot.

      1. Of course I’ve never been! What the hell for? Nobody ever plays there and if I want to look at bridges I needn’t travel very far, need I?
        Opher, I really wasn’t talking about some bloody arts centre for ponces, trust me on that. I was talking about the shitty state of the area as a whole entity.
        I already know why it was starved and don’t have to visit or live there to understand that. I received what they call in some quarters, an education.
        You’re wrong about being the 3rd largest port and I’ve had to correct you about this before. It WAS the 3rd largest port around the 1850’s, but only for a matter of around 15 years or so. It’s natural harbour design did not permit the new much larger coal power steam ships. Sail boats went out with the Cutty Sark.
        I really don’t think you appreciate my wealth and breadth of knowledge of past industry in UK. I come from a long line of engineers in my family and I myself spent a number of years travelling all over the UK on the trains as I got free rail travel through my job.
        I’ll stomach further hardship in Hull over the insanity of the EU anyday.
        I’ll think you will find that the truth of the matter is a hell of a lot of damage was done to northern cities by the Labour governments. Closing down the rail connections was the beginnings of the great decline.
        Boy, your history does let you down at times.

      2. You’re wrong about being the 3rd largest port and I’ve had to correct you about this before. It WAS the 3rd largest port around the 1850’s, but only for a matter of around 15 years or so.
        Did I read this right? I’m wrong but I’m right – but only for 15 years so it doesn’t count?
        Hull has a lot more than you give it credit for. It is on the up. When Scotland becomes a basket case after we leave the EU and their funding and oil revenue dries up, Hull will still be going forward despite the stupidity of Brexit.
        Our City of Culture has a lot to offer.

  2. Opher, for you to say and I’ll quote you directly on this “Britain’s third major port with international connections to nothing.”, you talk as if this was recently. So I corrected you because you needed to be. It’s 2017, not 1850. I could also probably shave 5 or so years of the 15, too, for sake of absolute accuracy.
    You really have zilch knowledge about Scotland’s wealth and prosperity. It’s probably beyond your comprehension and social remit.
    At least they’ll be able to dance and recite poetry in Hull, as it slides further into the mire.
    The only thing on the up in Hull is the 65% above national average teenage pregnancy rates.
    You must be so proud, especially having been one of the area’s principle educators.

    1. That was your inference.
      Look Andrew – if you can’t talk with respect there is no point to talking.
      If you continue with the abuse I won’t bother replying.
      I have a good handle on Scotland’s economy. It receives a lot of EU funding and the oil is not going to keep it afloat. It receives a lot of income directly from England. Because of the nature of the terrain there are many isolated communities with big needs. It needs bailing out.
      Hull was a major centre for commerce because of being a port connected through the canals to Lancashire and right across to Liverpool as well as the South. What it really needs is a motorway.
      With the renewable energy centre it will be rejuvenated. If it had not been for Brexit there would have been the European Research hub here as well. They’ve already relocated that.
      Hull is on the up. It is a great city with a proud history. Your lack of knowledge, understanding, or appreciation of Hull is obvious.
      none of my students got pregnant – not one.

      1. Like I said, respect is earned.
        If you did have a good handle on Scotland’s economy, which you clearly do not have given your recent comment about oil. Which perhaps as you were away failed to hear of the recent massive find of new reserves. It’s the largest yet to be found.
        Scotland receives from the EU what it is supposed to receive based on the same rules as applicable to anywhere else, based on contributions and population.
        Yes there are many isolated areas, but hardly anyone lives there. There’s a shepherd, 2 kids and a teacher, all paid for by the local council. Same as anywhere else, and financially its all relative to needs.
        I don’t think you’ve got a clue about what you refer to.
        The only problem is on the occasions supply boats to really small islands with about 13 people on them can’t leave harbour because of bad weather.
        Always a temporary issue and nobody starves.
        You’re living in the past in 1850 at a time when Hull had the 3rd largest port, which was also a temporary issue.
        It seems to me by your description of canals and such that Hull’s tenure of any attributes was one hell of a long time ago, back in the days of the Industrial Revolution. Wow! How contemporary!
        No, you’re very obviously wrong with your claim that I know nothing of Hull, other wise I’d never have been able to remind you as to the exact specific reasons for losing it’s standing as having the 3rd largest port.
        What a bloody stupid comment to make Opher. You really shoot your own arse sometimes.
        So what you’ve basically just said there is that Hull was to be bailed out with EU money. Shame they didn’t have a plan B. And not even a motorway? In this day and age? What a backwater joint it must be. Proud of what?
        That no motorway issue explains why when every month when I look at the tour listings in the music press and never once see anybody who is anybody ever playing there. They just can’t get the trucks up the track.
        You must have been in the only school in the land that never had a teenage pregnancy. I detect a certain lack of truthfulness in that respect.
        But that said, I know for a fact that you change your stories to suit your needs. Funnily enough, you know that I know that, too.

      2. I never change my story. It was a boy’s school.
        I am aware of the latest oil field. As I said oil will run out. When it does you can go back to rustling sheep.
        You don’t have to remind me of anything. That’s your personality problem speaking.

  3. A boy’s school? A state run comprehensive for boys only school? Explain that?

    That’s the 2nd huge oil reserve they’ve now found in recent years. Run out? What in 1,500 years, maybe? Given that they know those that they drill presently have 200 years worth left in them. What a foolish comment.
    And you forget that Scotland ran the Enlightenment, didn’t you?
    With your cheap-shot little middle-englander putrid bigotry to the fore, and you have the nerve to chatter about personality?
    You haven’t got one. You’re an automaton, programmed with hate and vitriol to anything or anybody whom does not instantly agree with your fragile, fact-zero based diatribe that bubbles forth from your immature toy brain.
    Man up and stop playing silly hide and seek head games. You arsehole.

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