Do we really need strong leaders? I don’t think so.

We’ve seen a lot of ‘strong’ leaders’ through the ages. Most of them turn out to be disasters. Hitler, Franco, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Thatcher, Ghenghis Khan, Stalin, Mao, Trump……… We usually end up with war, austerity, tyranny and misery. I do not respect belligerence. I prefer my leaders to be more consensual and less dogmatic and doctrinal. Compromise is often a better way. Imposition is often bad. Teamwork is better than a single head. The charge of the Light Brigade was magnificent folly and a great disaster.

Strong leaders usually get to the top because of personality flaws. They lack empathy to be able to see the effects of their actions on their victims. Many are psychopaths or sociopaths who enjoy wielding power and inflicting pain. They are bullies. They have trampled their way to the top.

Yet people still have that tribal mentality as of we were still living in small groups on the African plains. Then we did need decisive aggression and violence against other competing groups.

Times have changed. We are supposedly civilised now. We don’t want strong leaders. We want teams to work together to solve problems and find better ways forward.

Yet still we give our vote to those leaders who appear strongest instead of looking at the policies they support and where that will lead us.


14 thoughts on “Do we really need strong leaders? I don’t think so.

  1. Truth well spoken, Opher. Power must be shared as much as possible, and the less power the leaders have the better. Less dangerous and even more effective in the long run. As you say, teamwork is the ticket and we all need to form part if the team. Thanks!

  2. This article was really-well written, and profound. I wish I would have noticed it when it was first published. We are all physiologically and psychologically built as hunter-gathers on the African plains, so to speak, but we are living in a modern-day society. The dissonance between these two conditions is highlighted in your writing, and I couldn’t agree more. This point is also the explanation of so much of the illogical, emotional, or just plain odd things we do as humans. Last August, I wrote an in-depth article on Trump as he relates to sociopathy, and your article ties is a nice tee-up for the material I supplied. If you can, I hope you and your followers will take some time to read it. Thanks. B. Ashley

  3. This is a really good, concise article, and it makes a major point. I am going add a reference and link to your posting in my next post. Hopefully that will happen today, and I also hope you read it.

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