537 Essential Rock Albums pt. 19.

Another extract from my book on Rock Music – 537 Essential Rock albums.

Opher's World

181. Leonard Cohen – Songs from a room

Len started life as a Canadian poet and then novelist. His novels caused controversy because of the sexual content but otherwise failed to ignite. It wasn’t until someone had the bright idea of putting his stuff to music that his career really took off.

I first heard Len singing ‘Suzanne’ on a compilation album and was smitten.

This was Len’s second album. It is extremely Spartan in production which is something I really like as it allows the lyrics and melody to shine through. It is a sombre album as befits the break up of a long relationship on an idyllic Greek island. It is also one of my favourite Leonard Cohen album. The lyrics are enigmatic and expressive. It sets a mood. Leonard was able to take a personal slant and twist it into something of a wider perspective.

You get…

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