Brexit – A view from a concerned person

This is a well-written post that explains the anger and dismay of someone who is horrified by the rise of nationalism and fascism across the world. They see Brexit as something that will fuel this sinister process.

Fascism is a vicious, arrogant, superior doctrine that has caused war on numerous occasions. It needs wiping out.

This post was on a Fb post and the man who wrote it was called Kenneth.

“Tectonic plates move, sometimes a long way, and settle into a new location for a while. People have to adjust to new realities, and try to move on. All states of equilibrium are the result of forces acting in different directions, to cause a stasis. Removing one of the forces can cause large movements before a new settling into a new equilibrium. However, sometimes it is better to throw over the grappling hooks and drag the more important plates back into a position that makes more sense. Change, a good shaking up every so often, is good for the soul, and I embrace it enthusiastically. Sometimes though, change is not going forward, but backwards, into darkness and hatred and division. THAT I will not accept. THAT is something that no sane or decent person should accept. Change should always mean progress towards better understandings, not backwards into anarchy. In many ways the Brexit people are like ISIS, wanting to destroy all that has been built up, for the joy of wanton destruction, as in Palmyra, to the detriment of future generations. The shame and pity of it all is of course, that when this happens in the world, as it has many times in the past, within a few decades, we are back with all the problems that people wanted to remove and start clean to solve. Human nature never changes. We are supposed to grow and move and become better as the human race. The rise of Fascism and xenophobia and racism and bigotry are not new, but we have managed in the West to hold them in check for decades through mutual co-operation and hard-won trust between nations. That is all now very clearly at risk. Brexit is quite literally insane.”

26 thoughts on “Brexit – A view from a concerned person

  1. What total shit!
    Poor deluded Opher…erm….sorry….Kenneth. Yes, that’s it. Kenneth, isn’t it?
    Like we were born yesterday.

      1. My arse.
        It was you who wrote that. I had you written all over it.

        Are we still at school?
        If that’s the case, fine….well, fuck off Teach.

      2. Grow up Andrew. Believe what you like. That’s precisely how you operate. You build yourself a little citadel of facts to hide in. You believe your own hype.
        As with this you are, as usual, wrong.

      3. It’s not too convincing. Try harder to convince me.

        Whomever wrote this shit is just another of your left-wing loony nutters.

        Are all the people you know quite so mental as this?

      4. Stop doing it then. You explode in childish rages of expletives. Control yourself and engage in adult conversations. You insult me and you get it back. You behave like a teenager in a rage – all het up over trivia when the real issues go right over your head. It is pathetic.

      5. It’s the backward thoughts of someone who only got half the picture.
        All this idiot can talk about is racism and xenophobia.
        With exception of anti-semitism, what racism is there is Europe? What are these people talking about when they talk of racism?
        If anything was ever insane, it was ever having anything to do with the EU.

      6. Opher, you can’t be entirely serious here, surely?
        “Racism towards Jews, Muslims, coloured minorities, Eastern Europeans, Arabs, Italians, French, Germans – anyone foreign.”
        That isn’t racism if its discrimination against a person of a particular faith or from a particular country. Racism is entirely the wrong term to use here.
        It’s of no wonder that many people don’t know what racism actually is when the term is misused as is the case here.

      7. But you should know better.
        The term has a specific application and by misusing it so readily as demonstrated, negates its purpose and effectiveness.
        There are absolutely no grey areas when the term is judiciously applied correctly.

      8. Oh, Opher, for a guy that flies the flag for education, you ain’t half thick at times.
        How the hell can it be correct usage to be using the term Racist for a person/persons displaying dislike for people from France or Germany?
        Since when was it that we considered French and/or German people to be a Race unto themselves?
        I rest my case.

      9. Don’t be silly. Words are symbols. They do not have hard and fast rules. They communicate. The meaning has nuance it changes. You are too stuck in one groove- far too literal! A writer can use words in any way he/she wants. They can change it, play with it and make it work for them. Words paint pictures. You paint with them. You are far too narrow.

      10. Oh Opher, get a fucking edyukayshun and get off this stupid, juvenile, half-ass’d retarded fuck trip you’re on.
        Your ignorance here is coming across in CAPITAL letters.
        Your ignorance of the mechanics of the English language and why we have certain words that have a certain meaning and can only be used in appropriate context is downright appalling.
        For a guy that considers himself to be some kind of ‘writer’, using the term ‘writer’ liberally, you should know better.
        You really are coming across like a total jerk here.
        An ill-educated jerk at that.

        The term Racist has defined parameters. If you don’t know exactly what they are, then learn what they are and stop pissing down your own leg with such vacuous diatribe.

        It’s a piss poor writer – and you are definitely one of them as both you and I know all too well – who cannot use vocabulary appropriately and correctly.
        There is no excuse for misusing this term.

        This is why we had these ill-educated idiots damaging the house belonging to a child Pediatrician. They had confused the word Pediatrician with Pedaphile.

      11. Andrew – since you managed to get your knickers in a twist over your support for Brexit and Trump and my vocal opposition to both, and decided to attack and try to undermine every single thing I put up and become the big bad troll of opher’s world – you have come out with a lot of vitriol, filth and crap.
        I remember clearly your defence of Abba – now you are saying that Phil Ochs had no musical merit. Well I wouldn’t put him in the same league as Dylan but he is none the less very good. Try listening to Crucifixion again.
        Racism is a word that applies to people vilifying other people because of their race. Now the question is whether the list I put forward was a group of races. That is all. It was.
        There is no confusion over paedophile and paediatrician. You are trying too hard to be obnoxious and coming over as petulant and silly.
        This turn of yours is extremely childish. Now you attack me as a writer with your usual low-level ridicule. Do you want me to dig out all the praise you showered on my writing not long ago?
        Now who is the petulant child trying to pedantically score points? You’re a making a fool of yourself again.
        If you read below this your stupidity at calling me a liar. It was pathetic.
        You can’t help yourself.

      12. You’re jumping the gun.
        I think Brexit was the right and best decision. I know there will be casualties and collateral damage. That’s to be expected. I’m looking at the long term as that’s what it’s really all about.
        US elections are another matter.
        All I know is that Clinton was heavy duty bad news in every single persuasion. I considered her a dangerous Hawk. That wasn’t difficult as she proved she was big time whilst as Secretary of State. Nobody can tell me otherwise and I know I’m bang on right with that. All the evidence was there.
        I don’t know about Trump.
        All I know is that he is one of the top businessmen in the world. I’m not as interested in his personal history as you seem to be. I’m not that interested in events that occurred 11 years ago. Maybe I should be, but I think there’s more important issues to consider. I think it’s a good idea to give a guy like him an opportunity. I can’t see him selling Uranium to dodgy countries.

        I keep telling you why I disagree with you. I don’t disagree with you for the sake of disagreeing with you, as I give my reasons.
        You made a number of uncalculated statements concerning both the Brexit and Trump topics.
        All I did was fill in some of the blanks.
        I was extremely surprised to be honest on your complete gullibility and lack of full understanding with many of the issues emitting from the Clinton camp.
        I couldn’t believe that you had quite so readily bought into the black and white media rubbish. Rubbish that was being controlled by Clinton’s people who had full control over 5 of USA’s major media outlets – there only are 6.

        I also struggled with a lot of misinformed splurge concerning Brexit.
        A lot a people took a look at Germany and thought ‘wait a minute here, what the hell is that!’. I can understand that and so can you. However, I didn’t vote for Brexit for these same reasons.
        But I’m done with all that and some.

        I said what I said about Abba. They could write some quite interesting music. You might be surprised were you to learn of just how high the standard of musicianship was required for their live concerts.
        I think you are confusing what Ochs is singing about as opposed to the musical structure and complexities of his music. These are not the same things.

        Then you said in relation to Racism:
        “Racism is a word that applies to people vilifying other people because of their race.”
        Yes, Opher, that is a completely accurate statement.

        “Now the question is whether the list I put forward was a group of races. That is all. It was.”
        The answer to that is simple. No.

        The Pediatrician/Paedophile case was hardly silly. It was a case in point, albeit unfortunate, but all the same of that of ignorance of what a word or term actually means.

        I don’t know why you would think you could justify that glaring and confounded misuse of the word quite so easily with me. Somethings have no flexibility. I’m fairly certain that Racism has very little flexibility. One cannot be accused of being ‘slightly racist’, ‘maybe racist’, or any degrees in between. They either are racist or they are not racist.

        What you have is the occasional challenge whereby by your very own volition you set yourself up.
        Suffice to say the vast majority of your audience really doesn’t have either much interest or much knowledge about some or many aspects of the world of popular music.
        That said, when someone says to me that they read somewhere or heard some interview that The Beatles would have most certainly got back together, I’m already looking at them, asking where did you read that?
        It’s not exactly an off-the-wall topic in my music world, therefore, I too just might know something about it as well.
        In fact, I might know a whole lot more than you had even thought about. That’s why I had asked you to check out the Davlen story, for 2 reasons.
        1. you should have known about it – as it had direct correlation to your topi. And if you didn’t you do now.
        2. it gives a good example of the piles of steam that flood the internet with rubbish. Rubbish that some people pick up on verbatim and believe and repeat verbatim. Hence, 50 years of ‘Faul’ stories.
        I don’t care if you know or don’t know any of the details of the Faul story. Suffice to say I do.

        It’s a strange kind of individual who prefers to deny the existence of factual documentary in favour of his own febrile imagination. That said, I’m not so sure if the word ‘Liar’ is entirely appropriate were it used against any of his detractors. It more a case of how long is a piece of string?

      13. What is 100% apparent is that you have a very short fuse, can’t take criticism, explode into fury when challenged, have a personality that has to analyse and pick at things, are completely OCD, have an extremely high opinion of yourself and your abilities, have a very low opinion of everybody else, are extremely elitist and, because I don’t agree with much of what you have said, have set out to look for any means to attack any post I put out, to undermine, ridicule and put-down. That is called trolling. Do you want me to define it for you?

      14. In terms of anything being 100% apparent, that would be your deficit to attention to detail.
        It’s all very well for you to get all hot under the collar when pressed for back up to spurious statements made all too frequently.
        The more spurious and ill-founded statements you make, the chances are the more times you might get pressed to back it up. But not in Opher’s World. Any old loose shit conjecture goes. All logic can fly out the window.
        As for your take on OCD, I conclude that you are in fact ignorant to what it actually is.
        OCD ruins lives. People are completely strangled by it.
        It’s actually no laughing matter. I don’t understand what you’re sneering at and I don’t think you do either.
        Suffice to say, OCD hasn’t got much to do with organisational skills which are what you have mistakenly confused it to have.
        I would doubt from what is apparent that your organisational skills are particularly good. They probably fall under the term commonly known as ‘organised chaos’. I come from the opposite spectrum of that especially through my work, simply because of the sums of money involved.
        It was an extremely elitist environment, therefore, unsuitable for the majority whom possess somewhat lesser expectations towards any attributes of their mediocre lives.

        I think you may have to define ‘trolling’ for yourself.
        For about the last 2 weeks I have switched on my pc with a level of trepidation as there’s an unprecedented amount of shit coming into my email from you every day. Something like 40 new posts care of you in the last 3 days at least.
        Now I’m not too sure of your understanding of a blog, but the others that I know of have one post per day. They do not deluge people’s inbox with 6 posts (old and recycled at that, FFS) on exactly the same subject matter because, quote, “I wanted to”, and behave like a retarded fuckwit.
        I have a hunch that you just might get yourself closed down.
        You are very much abusing the system.
        Please refrain from abusing the system.

      15. Don’t worry about it. Nobody is forcing you to tune in. In four days time I’ll be out of your hair.
        Blogs – there are no rules!! Who made the rules!!
        If people don’t like it they bug out. As people are flocking in and my followers, visitors, views and likes are all at record levels I’m not too bothered.

      16. So where are they all Opher?
        Where are they?
        Why don’t they speak to you?
        Why don’t they have anything to say about anything?
        Very odd.

      17. Seemingly most people like to read and not speak out. I wish they would. I’d like to hear from the 7500+ who tune in. They seem happy to put in their likes. What I have noticed though is your belligerence reduces the number of responses. Perhaps that’s a big part of it?

      18. Bollocks.
        You must have seen other blogs – other than the pink-page women’s make-up one. WTF is that about anyway?
        If people have something to say they say it.
        If they don’t agree they say it.
        They can’t all be silent and compliant.
        Surely one of them is switched on?

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