A Brexit Day – how to unite the country!

The country is split. Most people didn’t vote for one reason or another. Half of those who did vote wanted to leave and half wanted to stay in the EU.

We are left with a situation where half the country is angry, fearful and dismayed at the thought of leaving, and half the country feel aggrieved that they feel, rightly or wrongly, that they are being accused of not understanding the situation, being xenophobic or even racist, being gullible and believing the lies, or being stupid which pushes them into a position of vehemently defending their position.

To understand each other and come to some rapprochement it is important that people start to talk and appreciate how the other side are feeling, their situation and reasoning.

There is a real debate here about what is going to happen to the country. I do not hear any of that debate. There does not appear to be any views as to what we all want for our grandchildren. It seems to me that we have a bunch of extremely right-wing Tories who are secretly putting together their own agenda and there is no opposition or openness.

I am a person who voted to remain for a number of reasons and am horrified about what is happening in Britain (and America).

My main concerns are:

The Environment and climate change

Nature and extinction

Human Rights and equality

Workers Rights

An outward looking, friendly, cosmopolitan country.

A thriving economy supporting public services (NHS and Schools, Social Services and the rest of it)


I would like to discuss how these issues can be addressed in a country that is retreating inside its own boundaries.

Yesterday we had friends round and they are not only staunch remainers but have many family with European connections and have been active with them and their children’s multinational friends. They are horrified by the stories they are hearing about what is happening to their family and other people as a result of Brexit (and we haven’t even started yet).

There are real fears out there. Real fears!!! There is nothing more infuriating when bad things are happening to have people tell you that those fears and experiences are not true – they know because they’ve asked their milkman and they personally haven’t seen any of it so it is all made up.

The fears are real and if we are going to come together we must try and understand each other.

Today I will put out a series of posts provided by Cathy. I think they explain some of the feelings, worries and anger of a remainer.

2 thoughts on “A Brexit Day – how to unite the country!

  1. “they know because they’ve asked their milkman and they personally haven’t seen any of it so it is all made up” and you don’t think that is a slur against those who voted Brexit. Your attitude and slurs regarding Brexit, you think you are being very clever, do you honestly believe we cannot read between the lines. I’ll say again simply, so all can understand. There was a Democratic Vote in this Country last year, Vote In to stay in Europe, Vote Out to Leave Europe. Not half voted Out, more than half voted out. By the way what area was the Milkman, very hard to find one these days.

    • You are so egocentric you think everything is aimed at you Anna. It isn’t.
      Yes it is an attack on all those arrogant Brexiteers (a minority) who taunt and come out with complete bollocks; who deny there are any problems because their neighbours or visitors haven’t seen any; who come out with nastiness and vicious taunting outbursts. There have been a lot of small-minded fascist nastiness. Read the forums! Those are the fascists I attack and that is not you!
      There were a lot of reasons for Brexit and there are a lot of very serious concerns for its outcome. Many of us think that Brexit has fucked the country up for our grandchildren and have genuine fears. Those fears need addressing. There are many ways of going out of Europe and I want the way that is best for the environment and the country.

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