Inequality – one of the apalling consequences of the system. 8 people own as much as half the world’s population – 3.6 Billion people!

There is one thing that really winds me up and that is unfairness.

To me a person should receive a fair wage for a job. It should reflect their training, skills and effort. It should not be different because of your gender, race or geographical location.

I know we are a long, long way off but I would like to see a world where there was not the huge disparity between pay or huge inequalities.

The system has a life of its own. It is inexorably bulldozing its way around the world exploiting labour, exploiting natural resources and devastating the planet for profit. The people guiding this greedy lust for more and more are wealthy and powerful. They run huge multinational corporations and businesses. Their mantra is always escalation and they are never satisfied with how much they have. It is an addictive game. They always want more.

They live in a bubble where they compare the prices of their yachts, penthouses, jewelry, artwork and accoutrements. It is a world totally divorced from reality. They are cushioned from the misery and devastation this ‘progress’ creates.

The wealth generated by this greed is not dispensed fairly. In order to maximise profits they cut corners, keep wages down to a minimum and move companies to countries where they can exploit a cheap workforce and not pay taxes. The money is then creamed off into the vast vaults of the super-rich investors and owners.

The inequality gap is getting worse and worse. We are all grafting away to make a handful of people a lot richer – a group of people who do not care about the environment or the poverty left in their wake.

Instability, inequality, poverty, corruption and war are good. They create a climate where they can do business, get cheap labour and make a killing. They have no wish to make things work better and they buy off the politicians and lobby governments. They blackmail and buy off power. They are behind who gets elected.

Back in 1965 CEOs of top companies earned 20x the average of their employees. In 2017 that has risen to 300x the average. The inequality has risen a staggering 150 times!

During the years of austerity the top end continued to be paid their bonuses and receive their pay rises while everyone else suffered.

We arrive at a state of affairs where just 8 people own as much as the poorer half of the world while one third of a billion children live in extreme poverty.

While the super-rich swan around in luxury in multimillion pound yachts children live in sewage and die.

I don’t know about you but I find that hard to square!


6 thoughts on “Inequality – one of the apalling consequences of the system. 8 people own as much as half the world’s population – 3.6 Billion people!

    1. No. It has always been this way – except that it seems to me that it is worsening at a fast rate. I do not believe that this level of inequality has always existed. It is at an all time nadir.

  1. I do believe this level of inequality has always existed – at least existed for several millennium.
    It all boils down to Racism, a racism that casts its shadow in many forms.
    In White Western society, our perception of racism is pretty simple and we all know what it is.
    In Africa and Asia, Racism is the be all and end all and it is a lot more complicated.

    Africa isn’t about countries and borders, it’s about tribes.
    There are 5 main tribes in the huge continent of Africa and they all hate each other. There’s a whole bunch of lesser tribes, but they are so far down the totem pole and have no say in anything.
    Basically, if one particular area has a ruling tribe – ruling in terms of majority in numbers – they will take everything and anything by force from everyone else who is not of their tribe. In some cases they simple just kill them. But not always as they need to keep some alive to work as slaves.
    We saw an example of another form of this where the ruling tribe was also the government, about 20 years ago when this sort of situation got totally out of control in Rwanda, where the ruling government Hutu’s slaughtered the Tutsi’s.

    In India, the cast system dictates who gets what and who doesn’t.
    It’s a complicated eons old structure going back thousands of years.
    The lowest cast are known as the “Untouchables” and they are permitted to own almost nothing but the very basics. They cannot by law own businesses or property. They basically work as slaves or beg on the streets.

    In Asia, particularly south-east Asia, the system works by degrees of skin colour darkness.
    The lighter the skin colour the further up the social scale a person will be. The people with the darkest skin will be doomed to a life of menial labour and the lowest of pay. They will never be permitted a position in government or respected industry.

    We in the west have actually got the least severe forms of racism. In fact we are extremely liberal in comparison to all that’s described above.

    1. Certainly race and tribalism is a big part of the inequality but surely the capitalist system is the wealth generator that promotes the amassing of great wealth by individuals?

      1. But all these distribution of wealth figures are all based on Western society. Three quarters of the world have nothing to do with it. There’s something very wrong with these figures that get bounced around for that very reason.
        We in the west have in truth absolutely no idea of the wealth amassed by families and individuals in Africa, India and Asia.
        Many do not use banks and there are very little trace records of their finances, that is for the records that do have a trace.
        They simply don’t ‘do’ bank accounts. One of the reasons for that is banks are against their cultural and/or religious beliefs. These are the people that literally have trunks of gold and diamonds under the bed.

        About 20 years ago I knew the CEO of American Express for south east Asia. He was a Chinese-Singaporean guy. He told me the toughest job his company had was not making sure his company maintained the #1 position in the credit card industry – that was the easy bit. The real work was persuading the very wealthy to behave more transparently with their money, such as depositing some of it into banks.

      2. I’m sure there are the same ridiculous differentials in Africa and Asia. India was the same with grotesquely rich palaces and destitute people. But that does not alter the wrongness of it does it? The gap is far too big.

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